A Crowd Sourced CoMo Summer

I work in social media. This blog is considered a social media outlet. I’m also 4 days past my deadline for this blog. So it seemed perfectly fitting for me to “crowd source” this post, which basically means I took a poll of all my social media buddies and asked them what they thought about my topic “What makes Columbia great in the summer?”

With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, I thought it perfect timing to talk about a CoMO summer, and the great activities that we have available to us.

Here were some of the top responses:

Merel J. “The Show Me State Games”

Jennifer G. “Summer Reading at the Library, enjoying the many frozen custard places for a cool treat, and for people with really little ones, Pirates Cove at Twin Lakes Park.”

Sparky’s storefront. Lucky for me, 2 doors down from my office. Photo by Angela Lechtenberg

Debbie S. “Evening walks downtown with a stop at Sparkys, having dinner on the patio at one of the restaurants with the family, 4th of July fireworks at MU, Stephens Lake park and playground.”

Lori R. “Hawaiian Shaved ice from the Parkside Skate Shop by the entrance to Cosmo Park. Cheap and soooooo good!)”

Courtesy Facebook.com/BleuColumbia


Alice H. “The courtyards at Flat Branch & Bleu.”

Courtesy www.gocolumbiamo.com

Bobbie G. “Splash parks–especially Stephens Lake…we can switch between fountains and swimming in the lake and playing in the sand at the beach. Or Flat Branch spray park if I want a smaller, quieter venue.”

Denise L. “Albert Oakland Family Aquatic Center, Katy trail, Little Dixie Conservation area, Boone County Fair, Hot Summer Nights Festival, Twin lakes recreation area. Can you tell I have lived in MO forever?

Kimberly H. “I love the beauty of CoMo, all the green trees and hills. Just driving through town is so pretty.”

Lori C. “Art in the Park!”

A popular response by many had to do with the mass exodus of a certain population. Don’t get me wrong, we love the vibe that our students bring to our town, but it’s nice to have our town all to us townies for a few months.

Robin M. “I can get across town faster because traffic is so much lighter without the students in town!”

Jennifer M. “The sparse population of students to enable driving and other somewhat mundane activities. Those activities seem to be so much more enjoyable!”

Some of my personal favorites:

1. Trops – yes, I know it’s available year round, but c’mon, Trops is all about a CoMO summer

2. Devil’s Icebox at Rock Bridge Park – No matter how hot and humid, you can always catch a cool breeze at the mouth of this cave.

3. Concerts and festivals, and more concerts and festivals…

4. The fact that there are so many great bodies of water, outdoor and camping opportunities available to us within a day trips drive; Lake of the Ozarks, Mark Twain Lake, Finger Lakes and more. Trust me, I lived in Kansas for 2 years, and this is one of the biggest things I missed (that and the considerable lack of black and gold).

So here are just a few recommendations of what makes a CoMO summer great. Got anything to add to our list! I’m sure you do. Post yours below!

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