The Collective


Kate Canterbury: After years as a big-city addict, Kate is happy to be detoxing in Columbia. She also writes the lifestyle blog The Guavalicious Life and a blog about special needs parenting called They Are So Cute When They Are Sleeping. Sometimes she sleeps.

Zac Early: CoMusic 101 is a feature that focuses on musicians, venues, and scenesters in the Columbia music community. It’s written completely from the narrow perspective of Zac, an Ohio transplant who balances work, family, hobbies and blogging to bring you all that is true and good in Columbia’s music scene. Follow Zac as he navigates his way through the CoMusic scene. You can also read his other blog, Building International Coalitions Through Beer and Pavement for more of the same.

Christa Jane: Christa came to Columbia in 2005 to attend Mizzou. She graduated in 2009 with a degree in graphic design and a minor in art history. Along the way Christa managed to fall in love with Columbia and decided to stick around. She currently works for the University’s Human Environmental Sciences Extension department as a designer for their publications group. You can find Christa writing at C Jane Create, selling on Etsy, or at home sewing, crafting, photographing, cooking, and living with three boys (one boyfriend & two cats).

Jenny Dills: Jenny is not a blogger, a photographer or even very talented, but she’s interested in talking to interesting people in interesting outfits. Jenny grew up in Columbia and after several failed attempts at moving away, she decided to give in and stick around for a while. She is a social justice crusader, blog addict and author of Babies and Botox, which isn’t about anything, but it’s also not about nothing. Jenny has been called Como’s #1 fan.

Angela Lechtenberg: Angela is the social media manager at True Media. Angela has ten years experience in marketing, including advertising, creative, writing, design and public relations. She was born and raised in Columbia, Missouri and is a graduate of Rock Bridge High School and Mizzou. She still dreams of making it big on the stage when she grows up and sings some fierce Karaoke. Angela loves new experiences, good food and great friends and family. She lives on the Northeast side with her husband, 2 awesome kids and Bella the eternal puppy/80lb lab.

J. Bloss: J is very active within the Columbia community theater scene, even though not on the stage itself very often.  He is on the board with Columbia Entertainment Company and has good friends involved with most of the other community theaters in town. For his paid time he works at Mizzou helping get undergraduates into graduate school.

Molly Wright:

Jet Roberts: 13-year broadcast veteran, current Sports Director and talk showhost of “The Closers” on News-Talk 1400 KFRU. “The Closers” air Monday through Friday from 4-6pm.

Jordan Parshall: A CoMo native who enjoys Sharpies and puns, Jordan is too frequently mistaken for someone much younger than she is. She uses her small stature and overabundance of dimples to her advantage by emphasizing her cute factor and keeps audiences on their toes with occasional profanities. The results are apparent in real life and on the Internets.

Tim Miles: I’m kinda tall. I talk with my hands a lot. I make up words sometimes. Plus, I’m a work-at-home-dad-writer-cook-repairman-designer-nerd-husband-consultant-speaker-strategist-playmate-and-lover-of-hyphens.

Tina Roselle: A native Illinoisan, Tina moved to Columbia in 2008 to experience life in a college town. She spends her days editing and designing online courses for the university, playing cello, eating too much, drinking too much, and running too much (so she can eat and drink more). Since 2009 she has blogged about her favorite music at A Ravenous Horde. Her latest project, Running With Oliver, is a blog about ultramarathon training and other inexplicable things.

Benjamin Gross: Benjamin grew up in Dayton, OH. He moved to Columbia via St. Louis for undergrad and grad school. This westward movement will continue indefinitely and he will arrive in California by his 50th birthday. He takes on an absurd number of hobbies to distract him from actual work. Those hobbies collide at the collective in the form of music and photography.

Danene Beedle: Also known as @MoWineGirl is passionate about wine, food and the best life has to offer! Back in CoMo since 2000 Danene loves the local scene and is on a quest to discover not to miss dishes in the city. Marketing, Historic preservation, Art and sharpie markers round out her passions.

Kerry Mullin: I am the middle-aged mother of two high-energy toddlers. They are only 11 months apart in age. Most days it is unclear if their intense curiosity and amazing ability to climb is keeping me young or killing me quickly. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I am determined to explore every kid friendly option CoMo has to offer.

Shane Johnson: Shane Johnson grew up in Union Ky and is a member of the International Socialist Organization. He works as a full-time Technician at the Radical Child Development Center/at-home dad, plays rock and roll at high volumes, and has recently moved to Columbia Missouri. He’s looking for a drummer. He can be contacted through many methods.