April Baseball.. Time to FREAK OUT?!

The Cardinals started slow and the Royals started hot. What does it mean? Is it truly NOT how you start, but how you finish? Does your start matter more than you think? I’ll bring the evidence, and┬ámaybe you’ll find the answer below…



  1. As a loyal Royals fan and Alex Gordon believer, I would like to know what you make of Gordon’s start? I’m hoping Seitzer has helped him become the high-average hitter he was meant to be. Are we seeing the beginning of the Gordon-era in Kansas City?

  2. Jet Roberts says:

    Alex Gordon is an interesting case-study, but certainly not alone in his late-development. “Gordo” has come out of the schute hitting for average and a little power. But, I think more than anything, Seitzer’s teaching has given him better plate discipline and has shortened his stroke. His strikeouts are down, his walks are up, and he’s hitting the ball to all fields.

    Gordon’s biggest contribution has been defensively in left field. I think his ability to play his position well has given him something to take pride in and restore his confidence at the plate, too.

    His start is exactly what the organization was hoping for. A productive Alex Gordon over 162 games changes the dynamic of the future of the Royals considerably, as he may have been on the verge of release or trade. If this continues, he will reclaim his place as a centerpiece to the new era of Royals baseball. Good for KC, bad for the American League.

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