CoMo Events : Art Show and Book Signing

I’m going to talk about my art show and book signing in third person so as to not make it sound like a journal entry. Here we go…

Local concert poster artist and graphic designer Ben Chlapek will be camped out at Makes Scents (on Ninth St. next to Sparky’s) for Artrageous Friday on July 22, 6-9pm. He’ll be signing copies of The Indie Rock Poster Book, which features his illustration of Elliott Smith’s song King’s Crossing, as well as 29 other song-inspired pieces from artist all over the globe. The 11″ x 14″ has removable pages and was published by Chronicle earlier this year. Copies will be available for $25.

In addition to the book signing, Chlapek will have a handful of new drawings, a new postcard set, screen printed posters, and a free mini print and stickers for people who purchase the book. See more of Chlapek’s work at

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