AUDIO: Kim English On Society & Stereotypes

“The only place the hood is glorified… is in the hood.”

Those were the words of University of Missouri Basketball star, Kim English, in a conversation we had not long ago.

Kim English signing autographs for Mizzou fans.

English is a thoughtful, provocative, and sometimes controversial guy. He thinks about much more than just basketball. This kind of thing is often overlooked when most sports fans base their judgments on a person by simply measuring their shooting percentage, championships or ERA.

What is missed about this 6’6 shooter from Baltimore, MD when he’s jogging up and down the court on your flatscreen TV, is that he is decidedly different from any major athlete to come through the University Of Missouri in quite some time. “Sociology Of Recent Theories” is his favorite course at Mizzou.

"A lot of times in my classes... because I'm an athlete, and I wear a hoodie, and I wear my hat backwards.. I mean, the kids think I'm dumb, stereotypically."

Winning basketball games is certainly a priority for English. Playing in the NBA and getting paid for his game is another. But, at the end of the day, the constant search for general knowledge, a better understanding of each other, and a “Man In The Mirror” attitude toward our over-organized social state is really what will drive him once the roar of a basketball crowd is only an echo in his memory. Those cheers will be for his children one day.

English enters his senior season at Missouri, and when he’s through, he’ll be remembered for more than his jump shot.

At least, that is my hope.

Click this link to listen to my conversation with Kim English:  Kim English – American Society & Stereotypes

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