CoMic: Midwest Hipsters

Grab your skinny jeans and/or floral print dresses, jump on your fixed gear, and make your way to the Midwest.

CoMics: Passed Over Music + Food Fests

We considered Rock N’ Roll N’ Peanut Butter & Jelly, but the logo would have looked too much like a kindergartener’s schedule: nap time and lunch time.

CoMics: Over-preparedness in Missouri

CoMO Fashion Commentary (via comic) #2

With all the crazy weather our country has been experiencing lately, maybe it’s just fear and over-preparedness leading everyone to wear their Sperry* Top-Siders every day in this landlocked state.


*Full disclosure: I own two pairs. They’re totes comfortable.



CoMics: Welcome Back, Students


I was worried cargo shorts were out. Thank goodness the students are back with that fashion gold.

CoMics: Taxi Stand Signs are the New Stop Signs



Reasons* for Columbia, MO to need blocks of these signs…

–       Columbia’s rate of alcoholism is record breaking

–       The city of Columbia has a misguided agreement with local taxi companies

–       Columbia’s population is actually much larger than everyone thinks

–       The local college student population is up to at least 80,000

–       The majority of those college students live in Columbia year round


*Reasons, in this case, is a synonym for lies.



CoMics: Defining HOEDOWN

The difference between my life and Law and Order: SVU is that a hoedown has everything to do with square dancing and nothing to do with the death of a prostitute.

CoMics: My Homecoming

The past week has been about like this.

Great to see you again, CoMO!

CoMics: State Fair

It’s a state of mind.

CoMics: It’s My Birthday

I’m sorry I can’t decorate your computer screen with a silly picture and clever words. Don’t hate me because it’s my birthday and you’re jealous I’ll be celebrating on the beach while you’re very landlocked.

Watch Sex and the City (#6.7) and relax.

CoMics: The Past is Now

Don’t you love being able to bring the cliquishness once reserved for high school to your present adult life?!