Best Local Kids’ Stuff Sale

Kids grow – fast.

Kids change – fast.

My kids are rough and tumble.  They get dirty.  They play hard.  And still, they out-grow most of their clothes while the clothes are still in great shape.

Their bikes, toys, exercise and play-equipment either outlast their interest or can’t keep up with their growth spurts.

What’s a mom to do?

Well, I could spend tons of money buying new stuff every couple months, stuffing the local landfill and keeping children in third-world countries working into the wee hours of the night.  Or, I could buy used things that are in great shape.

Buying used makes me feel good. (And isn’t that what it is really all about?)

This weekend is the spring Mothers Of Multiples (MOMs Club) sale.

This is one of the best opportunities in Columbia, Missouri to get what your kids need without breaking the bank.  Plus you get to walk around feeling self-righteous about protecting the earth. (Of course you will keep your smugness on the down-low.  No one likes an uppity environmentalist.)

This sale has been happening for years.  There is a ton of stuff to choose from but it is well organized.  There is a system.  And there will be a line.  It is cash only and this year they are charging a $1 per adult entry fee. (Which I find ridiculous.  On the other hand, I like that a percentage of proceeds supports the CMOMs Club which does important work supporting mothers of multiples.)

Stay calm.  Be patient.  And get out of my way.

Last year we scored this bike trailer at the sale.

Mothers Of Multiples Bi-Annual Sale

Saturday, March 17

7 am – Noon

Fairview Methodist Church, 3200 Chapel Hill

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