True/False: Forrest Theatre, signage and the Box Office

My photo series on T/F preparations continues! All of these photographs were taken yesterday, February 29.  

True/False: Popcorn, tickets, art installation and lab work

This is T/F photo essay number three for those following my behind-the-scenes coverage of preparations going on at the Box Office and the Lab. If you missed the first two essays you may find them here and here. This post also includes a few images of an art installation that’s starting to take shape in front of Ragtag. I plan on documenting more of that this morning.

In case you’re curious, I’m purposely leaving out photo captions since my behind-the-scenes imagery is intended to pique your curiosity, not give away all of the details. If you’re attending the festival, I encourage to be on the lookout for some of the items you see below, especially the creations coming out of the lab. Also, if  you’re interested in learning more about the ticket printing process, check out this video by Glenn Rice documenting the process from his basement.


True/False: Box Office behind-the-scenes

This is the second installment in a series of photo essays documenting the prep work leading up to the True False Film Festival. If you missed my first behind-the-scenes post, you can check it out here. The following images were taken over a period of three days this past week. It’s pretty amazing what creative people can do on a small budget. There’s no doubt this festival wouldn’t be what it is without all the volunteers and man-hours that that they put in before, during and after the fest. Thank you, volunteers!


True/False: Behind the Scenes photo essay

I spent a couple of hours photographing the crews at the T/F Lab (workshop) and Box Office locations on Sunday as they  worked on production and design aspects of this year’s festival theme, Influencing Machines. Everything pictured is a work-in-progress and more will be revealed over the next couple of weeks leading up to the event.



CoMo Stylebook: True/False Jubilee

Photo by August Kryger

Jenny Dills and her friend Patrick Hanson also took a whimsical approach by wearing giant Teletubbies heads. “We just had these lying around the house and we never get to wear them, but we found a reason to wear them tonight,” Dills says. “I’m super excited; this is my favorite weekend of the year.” Via.