CoMo and the Greening of Boone Tower

The end of June marked a monumental beginning for Boone Hospital Center (BHC). After more than 2 and 1/2 years of construction, three days of hoopla and the traditional ribbon cutting, about 4,000 people finally got the first look-see at the new ultra-modern patient tower.

With eight stories, 128 private hospital rooms, a healing garden and family-friendly accommodations, this new addition is grand, yes. In fact, the overall environment is pleasing and downright comforting, a boon to all who seek medical services. But behind the scenes baby, it’s also green.

Here are a few of the tower’s eco-friendly additions.¬† Future plans to green-up even further should help the Tower receive a coveted LEED certification.

With energy costs a major concern, solar panels were installed on the roof to help heat water, so essential in patient care. Also, windows are triple-pane to minimize the effects of our fickle Missouri temperatures.

Additional savings come from a 30,000 gallon collection tank that stores and re-uses rainwater for landscaping. The use of native plants, which use water more efficiently, cuts down on maintenance as well, and the garden beds offer a welcoming atmosphere the moment you step out of your car.

And finally, regional materials  were used wherever possible in the overall building, supporting the local economy, and much of the construction waste was recycled.

It’s still a work in progress,

but three cheers for BHC for not just expanding, but thinking green in the process. Hopefully this bold move by a hometown favorite will spur others to follow suite.







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