CoMo Art: Eat Me!

OMG! by Lawrence L'Hote

After the heaviness of The Seven Deadly Sins (and the Seven Holy Virtues), Columbia Art League is lightening things up for spring with Eat Me!, which runs until April 21st.

I enjoyed this show more than I expected. I usually enjoy the darker, deeper shows more than the fun, lighter ones, but this one has something for everyone. I dragged a seventeen year old boy, my firstborn, to the show, and he enjoyed it, especially the drawing of a soda IV bag.

My favorite? Too difficult to choose. Usually there are one or two pieces that stand out for me, that ask me to take them back to my place. This time around that number is much higher.

Noodle Head by Aimee Vance

I asked CAL executive director Diana Moxon about the inspiration for this exhibit and her process for coming up with exhibit themes:

I thought it would be fun to do a show based on food. Eat me! was a fun title taken from the passage in Alice in Wonderland where she has to eat the cookie to grow large again. I always try to find themes that are accessible to artists working in all mediums, that encourage artists to explore their imagination, that are open to interpretation and not too narrowly focused so that as many artists as possible are able to enter the show. Sometimes show ideas come about from random conversations, sometimes I might read about a show elsewhere in the world and adapt it slightly so that it fits our criteria.

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Josie Sullivan

Just out of curiosity, I asked Moxon how the winners are chosen:

We always use an outside juror, usually from beyond Columbia, to come and choose the 80 or so works which he or she feels best fit the theme of the show. We often have over a hundred works submitted, so the juror’s first task is to choose the 80 works which will be in the show. All the work is physically submitted to CAL and the juror spends a couple of hours looking at all the artworks to make his or her decision. Once the submissions have been narrowed down, I ask the juror to choose the award winners.

Eat Your Kale by Lisa Bartlett

The exhibit will be paired up with actual food for Let Them Eat Art! on April 5th:

I love collaborations where we can marry up two or more art forms. Let Them Eat Art is a chance for us to invite chefs to be part of a CAL show. Each of the 12 participating chefs have chosen an artwork in the show as the inspiration for a tapas-style platter of food, which will be served at the event. Four chefs are preparing desert items and eight are doing savory platters. We’ll station each chef next to the artwork they chose as the inspiration for their dish. For guests at the event it’s a chance to eat great food by some of the city’s best chefs and a chance to enjoy the show with all its wonderful nuances and sense of humor.

Get your tickets now; I already have mine, and I can’t wait. The list of chefs and their inspiration artworks follows under the giant metal sausage.

Barbecue by Lawrence L'Hote

The Catering Kitchen (Laura Estes & Sara Fougere) – Tootie Burns, ‘Chocolate
Chip Cookie on Yellow Tablecloth’

Les Bourgeois (Aaron Wells-Morgan) – Derek Fox, ‘Lord Wellington’

University Club (Jen Grob) – Michelle Marcum, ‘U Dum Dum’

Broadway Brewery (Bryan Maness) – Jane Mudd, ‘Missouri Spuds’

Sweet Ethics (Lauren Quillo) – Sawyer Wade, ‘Slaughterhouse’

Bleu (Ben Parks) – Elaine Durchholz, ‘East Coast’

Columbia Career Center (Dahyna Rogers, Advanced Culinary Arts Student) –
Devin Carter ‘Café’

Columbia Career Center (Will Kinney, Advanced Culinary Arts Student) – Jamie
Carey Humphreys, ‘Gathering of the Morning’s Feast’

The Wine Cellar & Bistro (Michael White) – Tootie Burns, ‘Big Bars’

Room 38 (Jeremy Bowles) – Catherine Parke, ‘Sushi’

Sycamore (Mike Odette) – Anastasia Pottinger, ‘Breakfast’

Red & Moe (Trey Quinlan) – Terry Martin, ‘Mud Bugs & Beer’


  1. Great article! And it reminded me to buy tickets to the event … Thanks!

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