CoMo Art: Sparky’s Totally Awesome Collection

I knew of Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream before I moved to Columbia (thanks to the great cicada ice cream coverage of 2011), but I didn’t know of the art. Due to the great misfortune of a diet that is supposed to be dairy-free, it took me a long time to discover the treasure that is Sparky’s art collection. 

One day I cheated on the diet, got some chocolate hazelnut, and stood staring at the walls. Art! Wonderful, strange, weird, what-were-they-thinking art! Scott Southwick described his collection and his views on what some people insist on calling bad art at Columbia’s 20/20 event of February. (Are all 20/20 speakers this entertaining?)

How can art be bad when it makes me smile?  When it makes me wonder what in the world is going on in the painting…or in the head of the artist?  When it entertains me on every visit?  When I see works akin to my son’s collection of alien paintings?  Great art.  Great collection.






 Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream is located at 21 S. 9th St.  Have fun!

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