CoMo Commentary : Memories of Columbia

On the world of Twitter I am BFF with the famous Nerdy Apple Bottom. Okay, not really. But she and I have chatted it up a few times and when I needed guest posts for my personal blog she agreed to write one. But then she sent me this awesome memories of Columbia, Missouri post so I had to share it here.  It’s a wayback Wednesday of the hyper-local variety and will be a semi-regular feature on the blog. Want to share your memories of Columbia? Email us at  

A couple weeks ago I took the initiative to answer Guavalicious’s Twitter call for guest posts. I had high aspirations. I was motivated to make it the most amazing guest post I’d ever done. Which wouldn’t be too hard as this is to be my first guest post ever. Seriously, why would anyone care what I have to say?

So now that you are here, what do I have to say? Well, since you are fans of Ms. Guava I will assume you are into stories about parenting, eating, social media, pinworms, and Columbia, MO.

Where does that leave me?

I happened to have lived in Columbia for 4  glorious years. They were more like starving college student years at the time, but of course hindsight makes them seem so carefree. I didn’t have 3 shorties begging for time, attention, and dinner. I didn’t have a mortgage. I didn’t care if my brows were waxed. I was too cool to care what I was wearing. Ahhhh, the life.

I adore Columbia. I would eat at Murray’s everyday and get Arbuckle’s Ice Cream and buy music at Streetside Records (is it still there? I worked there and was super hip because of it.) I would wander aimlessly around campus and sit in on classes. I would buy shirts at the bookstore and hang out in the quad. I would buy drinks at Trops (legally now) and I would see shows at the Blue Note. I would have the Stretch at the Broadway Diner and I would fill up bags at Acorn Books.

Now that I can enjoy them in hindsight. I did all those things way back when but with a different motivation and a different satisfaction. I’m not trying to pretend I”m young anymore. I just want to remember what it was like. I want to notice the beauty of the Columns by just sitting and looking at them, not rushing past. I want to read those signs under statues and learn the history because now I’m interested.

A big part of my nostalgia for Columbia is that I didn’t graduate and it drives me crazy. Every. Single. Day.  I wish more than just about anything that I had received my degree. But I wasn’t ready for college and my dad wasn’t ready to pay for it if I wasn’t doing exceedingly well. C’est la vie.

So every once in a while we make it out there. Peanut practices soccer out there once a month on the Missouri State Olympic Development Team. Sometimes we’ll meet my mom there since it is about halfway from Kansas City and St. Louis. We try to cram in a meal here, a quick campus tour, and maybe a stop at the bookstore.

I’m doing my best to raise three little Tigers. And I hope they turn out far smarter and far better than I.

*disclosure: I’m not entirely sure all the places I’m reminiscing about still exist

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