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Columbia Art League

The Mission of the Columbia Art League is to provide the community with a stimulating environment for experiencing the visual arts through exhibitions, education, appreciation, promotion and creation of art.

CAL was founded in 1959 by a group of local amateur artists who wanted to meet regularly to create and receive critique.

Over the past 50 years, the Columbia Art League has had many homes around the city – North 10th Street, the old Paste Factory building, the D&M Sounds building, Walnut Street, the City Building and, since 2008, at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts. CAL has always represented the artistic voice of the community and offered art classes for both children and adults.

What do most Columbians already know about your organization? I would hope that they know that we are non-profit organization that belongs to them. There are no owners of CAL. We exist for the community. We not only show local and regional art but we also sell many artworks ranging from paintings, photographs and sculptures to jewelry, wooden bowls, ceramic mugs, metal flowers, hand-dyed scarves and other smaller locally made art items. I hope they know that we organize the annual Art in the Park festival that takes place the first full weekend in June every year.

What would surprise many Columbians about your organization? That there are only 2 staff who make everything happen. Everyone else is a volunteer.

Columbia Art League By the numbers:

2 members of staff

200+ volunteers

500+ members (both artists and art patrons)

54 years running Art in the Park

6 exhibits in the gallery per annum.

Do you use volunteers? In what capacity?  Yes, to help run the gallery, help with art classes, assist at events and to make Art in the Park come to life.

The information about Columbia Art Leauge was provided by:  Diana Moxon, Executive Director

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