COMO Eats: KOBE Japanese Steakhouse

For our last kid free night before picking up our children tomorrow (they spent the last week with gran and gramps’ at their Tennessee lake house) my husband and I decided to have a nice dinner out just the two of us at KOBE Japanese Steakhouse. Usually we like to take our kids with us when we visit these types of restaurants. They love the show that the hibachi chefs put on while preparing the meal, and truth be told it’s as much fun to watch the kids enjoy that as to watch the show itself. It’s a whole lot quieter when we go without them, and it was nice to have a night out.

Not only was it quieter without the kids, the whole place was relatively quiet on a Saturday night at 6:45. There was only 1 other couple at our table for 10, and only 2 other tables about half full in the room. Sinh, our chef, commented that it was probably a few factors – the heat, no “crazy college kids” (his words not mine!) and other events taking place in town like Art in the Park. I wondered if it was maybe the fact that there seem to be a lot of Japanese steakhouses in our town considering its rather small population.

I ordered the teriyaki chicken and my husband ordered the steak and shrimp. Sinh and all the other staff were courteous and prompt during our meal. I was surprised at how fast we were taken care of, our food was prepared and then served. The vegetables were perfectly cooked as was our main course. The entire meal was well made and the performance by our chef, while nothing fancy, was what you’d expect. He was funny and friendly and told all the standard jokes. Even though I’ve heard them all before I still chuckled, and for the first time I was actually able to catch the little piece of shrimp he tossed at me from the edge of his spatula. I told him I couldn’t do it but he kept trying until I got one. Then he was so happy he made me catch 3 more! I was on a roll. Thank goodness, because I didn’t want to be the only person at the table to strike out.

Overall these kinds of places are a little pricey (our total bill for 2 entrees and water to drink was $43.00 including a decent tip) so we usually save them for special occasions. KOBE is probably one of my favorites in town, the service is always pretty good, very courteous staff and the food is consistently good.

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