CoMo Family : Gone fishin’ Mayberry-style

When was the last time you ditched your communication devices to simply sit in the sun and dangle a fishing line Huck Finn fashion? (Be honest, just you and mother nature – no must-see Youtube videos or Facebook OMG’s spoiling your reverie, and the only tweeting came from feathered creatures flitting about).

Personally, for me it’s been toooo long. Like most people today, I’m all hip and techno-trendy – I carry a smartphone (which I check compulsively), own a laptop and watch HD TV to wind down. But  sometimes, being plugged-in 24/7 makes my skin crawl. In fact, often I wonder if my Tron life needs a “Little House on the Prairie” transfusion. Maybe I need to cut the techno cord once and a while, no matter how painful, and do something that doesn’t require WI-FI. Like get outside? Hmmmm.

Well, fortunately for those of us experiencing communication-overload, from now until mid-February, the Missouri Department of Conservation offers a chance to wile away some tech-free hours with their release (you-can’t-take-any-home-but-the-ambiance-is-just-as-relaxing) trout season. Although available at several locations throughout Missouri, two, one at  Bethel Park behind Rock Bridge High School and the other at McKay Park Lake in Jefferson City are great for Columbians. And with a day pass only $7 a person (season passes $12) this day trip won’t break the bank for families. Oh, you can also purchase your permits online to save time.

Today’s fast-paced, I-need-to-be-connected-at-all-times world is pretty cool… most of the time. And when it isn’t, sometimes we still have to suck it up and go with the flow. But then again, taking a break from sound bites and resting your texting fingers is just as important to retain our sanity.

So grab a pole and some snacks, kids if you’ve got them, and spend a day Mayberry style (courtesy of the MO. Dept of Conservation), with a pole over your shoulder and a whistle on your lips. You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet for a change and besides, Andy Griffith would be proud.














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