CoMo Family – Perche Creek Golf Club

Sometimes I think Perche Creek Golf Club is one of our town’s best kept secrets. Tucked away just west of town, across the interstate from that VERY FAMOUS TRUCK STOP that’s been getting a lot of attention lately, Perche Creek is a great place for a family outing. Even though you can see it from I-70, sometimes I think it gets forgotten about. I know I did. Until my daughter went there for a field trip last year at school. She had so much fun playing mini golf I knew I needed to take my whole clan.

I took my family there one recent Saturday evening to play mini-golf. Little did I know there are also go-karts there, so of course we had to do that as well. The track isn’t a huge track, it’s one of those oval slick tracks – great for my kids. We sure had fun trying to cut each other off and race to be the front car. The mini-golf course, while nothing fancy at first glance (there’s no huge windmills or open animal mouths to putt your ball through) has obstacle-course like holes with just the right amount of difficulty for my 7- and 9- year olds. Taking a look at their website I found that the holes are designed after “signature holes on famous golf courses.” So even though you can see the 9-hole “real” golf course as your speeding towards the sunset, remember that there’s a lot more there, including a driving range, batting cages and a pro shop that serves a small food menu and has a variety of retail items for any golfer to appreciate. They also provide lessons, club repair and custom fitting.

The prices are reasonable, $6 for a round of 18-hole mini-golf, and 6 and under are free. The go carts areĀ  $5.95 for a single seat kart and $6.95 for a
double seat kart (you must be 54″ or taller to drive, but under 54″ can ride in a double seat kart). Check their website for more info or check them out – where else – on Facebook.

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