CoMo Family: Pre-Owned Everything – Environmentally Conscious and Thrifty

Before my daughter was born I was overwhelmed by the amount of baby equipment available.  The more marketing materials I read the more I knew if I didn’t buy each and every baby item made then I clearly didn’t love my child (and there was no chance she would ever get into a good college.)  The sheer volume of specialty items, not to mention all of the cute, cute, cute clothes, appealed to the potential shopper in me.

On the other hand, I was well aware that the stages of babyhood pass very quickly and most items are only used for a few months, or years, at best.  I was also concerned about the ecological impact of all the goods I so wanted to buy for my precious children.  In an effort to curb my desire to BUY, to live within our means and to do the least amount of damage to the environment, I made a couple rules for myself.  If I buy anything new it must seriously be on sale.  And, I don’t buy any children’s plastic products new.  Sure I make exceptions to these rules.  In fact, I make exceptions all the time. But calling them rules helps me remember the goals I am trying to stick to.

One of my favorite thrift-shop finds, ever. And it isn't even plastic.

That being said, I would never want to “deprive” myself my children.  So I have honed my second-hand shopping skills.  Combing the racks at thrift-shops and garage sales turned into excellent mother-daughter bonding time.  I keep a running list of items we want need and watch for them.  These shopping habits take more time and require room for storing great finds that are simply not-yet age appropriate.  For us, these problems are surmountable and the self-righteous feeling savings are completely worth the trouble .

However, I know that not everybody is as cheap ecologically minded as me.  And a tight time-line can send any mother running into a big box store to buy what she needs NOW.  Also, lots of garage sales and thrift-shops are a little, well, gross.  The antidote is consignment shopping in an organized environment.

Fortunately, Columbia, Missouri is home to The Children’s Orchard.  A children’s consignment store that’s open year round and located near the intersection of Providence and Nifong.

While I have shopped there, I also like the thrill of the hunt.  Next weekend presents another opportunity that may appeal to “hunters” like me and more discerning shoppers.  On Friday, September 16 and Saturday, September 17 there will be a large consignment sale at the Capital Event Center in Jefferson City.  Managed by Kids Closet, this sale looks like it could be the best of all worlds;  lightly used goods in an organized environment with the thrill of the temporary sale.

For full disclosure, I admit I have not attended a Kids Closet Consignment sale before.  So I am not making any promises.  If you go and hate it, don’t blame me please leave me a comment and tell me why.  If you go and love it, I am happy to take the credit.

For those of you interested in consigning items, you can still participate right up to the day of the sale.  To find out how, check out their website.

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