CoMo Family : Your Kid Draws CoMo, Wins $10,000

uDraw, makers of the hot new art toy for viedo game systems, is promoting their product in a very cool way. They want kids to draw a picture that represents their city and community whether it’s the park they play at with friends or a favorite landmark. Unfortunately my kids are too young to win since it’s open only to kids ages 6 to 17. Their chances wouldn’t be great anyway since big circles of Sparky’s ice cream are not the stuff of legend.

But you should definitely submit your artist’ masterpieces. They can win cool prizes like a uDraw game tablet or an HDTV. And if they are the big winner, Columbia benefits too because not only does the winner receive $10,000 cash prize, the winner’s elementary, middle, junior high or high school also receives $10,000 to help support the school’s art program. Awesome.

Submissions are being taken September 1st. Get all the details here.

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