CoMo Food: Not To Miss Dishes, Booches Edition

Ultimate $5.00 meal deal

Burger “value meal” messages bombard us from every chain restaurant imaginable.  I believe the tastiest burger in CoMo is most definitely the Booches Burger.  The beef is fresh, with toppings just as you like it!   For most of you this shout out doesn’t come as a surprise.  It seems that everyone from USA Today to local bloggers have recognized this Columbia icon.

While traveling recently I found myself on Fast Food island with nothing but corporate chain fast food as far as the eye could see.  After driving through and dropping over $8.00 it reminded me of how much I miss the quality and price of Booches.

One burger and Coke and I’m out the door for less than $5.00.  Split a bag of chips with a friend and you’re still around that price point.  But more importantly I’m eating a quality hand pattied burger that is made fresh and sourced from a local grocer.  I’m also supporting a local business in a historic building and the CoMo tradition of ordering off the board at a wooden table surrounded by friends or family.  Now THAT’S a VALUE meal!



  1. Fresh? I guess if by “fresh” you mean that the patties sit preformed by the grill for hours, probably cooking a little by virtue of sitting so close to the heat source. I suppose that’s a certain kind of fresh.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Booches. This practice of stacking patties next to the grill may even cause the burgers to have that special Booches taste, but freshness is not why I eat there. It’s freaking good even if it’s a little bad for me. Two Booches burgers with everything, a bag of chips, and a beer are maybe my favorite things to eat in this world.

  2. Beer and burgers on Tuesday nights at Booches just might be the one thing I miss about COMO more than anything else.

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