CoMo Food: Not To Miss Dishes, Patric Chocolate Edition

Patric Chocolate In-NIB-itable BAR
Winner of the GOOD FOOD award

Usually I share thoughts on a not to miss dish that I’ve discovered here in CoMo, but from time to time I’d like to mix it up with local foods made here in our city.

I became familiar with Alan “Patric” McClure about three years ago when I was seeking local products to feature at a blogger conference, and I must say  it was love at first bite.  You’ve probably seen his chocolate at the farmers market, your grocery store or favorite coffee shop. You may have read that the In-NIB-itable bar won the GOOD FOOD award or that he was featured on FORBES top 10 truly artisanal foods to try now.  And then there were features of Patric Chocolate in Food and Wine Magazine, the New Yorker, FEAST magazine and dozens more.  The word has gotten out, CoMo has an incredible chocolate craftsman with delicious bars.

So why have I chosen to feature Patric Chocolates?  Not only are they incredibly authentic, made with great attention to detail and delicious.  They are local-CoMo local.  We should be proud of this not to miss chocolate bar and vote with our dollars not to mention there are some great new flavors in the lineup.  Alan partnered with Kaldi’s Coffee to develop two original bars that are incredibly tasty, I personally love the Cappuccino bar-great for “white” chocolate lovers.  New flavor  mint OMG and pbj OMG also live up to their names.  Quality bean to bar chocolate is a little luxury everyone can treat themselves to.

Last week during a Culinary Adventures “cooking with chocolate” class lead by Chef Craig Cyr he used Patric Chocolate in every dish, I personally loved the pork tenderloin with savory chocolate sauce.  Alan talked to the group about the bars being hand crafted, and how those hands are attached to people that live here in CoMo, offering jobs and supporting our community.  It was then that I fell in love with Patric Chocolate all over again!


  1. yeah, i like Patric chocolate…very expensive though.

  2. Definitely worth it. We usually make a bar last a week or more.

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