CoMo Question: Gold Jackets and Big Scissors?

I recently attended the LEED Certification Ribbon-Cutting ceremony at Columbia City Hall. I’m a dedicated greenie, so I appreciate and try to support community efforts to make Columbia more energy efficient.

The ceremony was impressive – the mayor talked, the giant scissors functioned well, the covering for the certification plaque pulled off flawlessly. It was the first ribbon-cutting I had witnessed, and frankly I was pleased. This was a great day for City Hall, Columbia and the green movement.

But I have to say, when I first got there, I was a bit perplexed.

The minute I walked in the door I thought “Am I at the right place?” All around me, gold jackets and gold polo shirts. Not everyone, mind you, but a large percentage. In fact, so many that I wondered if I had stumbled into a Century 21 convention.

But an acquaintance of mine happened to be there, proudly wearing a gold polo, and eventually he set me straight.

The group wearing gold were in fact the City Ambassadors.

Which of course lead me to another question. “Huh?”

He went on to explain the Ambassadors were like the welcome wagon for businesses – they show up at openings, new store locations, green certifications, stuff like that.

When I got home I checked out the Chamber of Commerce website and after hunting around a bit, I discovered, there are over 100 gold-wearing Ambassadors in Columbia, all business leaders who volunteer at groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings and the like. And in each case, they get to bring along the big scissors, and sometimes bestow upon the store/building’s owners the First Dollar of Profit plaque.

I learned a lot attending the City Hall Ribbon-cutting ceremony. I got to see the eighth building to receive LEED certification in our grand city. I also got to see the mayor in action and listen to some inspiring words by him and others. I think I’ll make it a point to attend more of these in the future.  They’re great ways to experience a bit of the pomp and circumstance which make our community unique; and besides, who isn’t memorized by giant scissors (be honest now).

If your so inclined, click here for a list of up-and-coming ribbon cuttings. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there. (I’ll be the one without the gold clothing).




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