CoMo Rumors : The Scuttle on Downtown

The District continues to get a shakeup. Sake suddenly closed down last week but I just heard that it was bought by an employee and will reopen. Can Columbia, MO really support five sushi places? Plus now that Kampai Alley is just down the street (alley), it’s hard to see Sake suceeding. By the way, I know there are a lot of people out there holding (now useless) Groupons for Sake. The good news is you should be able to get back the money you spent on them thanks to the Groupon Promise. Here is their contact form.

With the new ownership of the Tiger Hotel comes whispers of changes. With two of my favorite places in town housed in the hotel, I am not happy about this. Bleu seems to be staying but I’ve heard that Vault may be on the move. The name and theme are so related to the space that I wonder if the whole concept will change. Hopefully the awesome handmade cocktails will remain no matter where they go.

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  1. Aaron Brown is the handmade cocktails at Vault, so I’m sure wherever he goes they will follow. Hard to reproduce his creativity.

  2. Meh to both, but I do like a free birthday steak.

  3. I saw Sake receive a shipment today and also some linens (I think). I was confused, but thanks to you guys, I’m in the know.

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