CoMo Sports: Best Softball Player You’ve Ever/Never Seen

She’s the best softball player you’ve ever (or never) seen and you will never have the chance to see her again.

After a remarkable career at Columbia College, one of the Cougars’ All-Time Greats, Valerie Teeter is done as a collegiate in Columbia, MO. She leaves a mark on the program that will stand forever, and a series of statistics that may never be eclipsed or even duplicated.

Teeter’s final game was in the American Midwest Conference Tournament Semi-Finals against William Woods. How big was Valerie’s presence? More on that later.

The Cougars Ace pitcher was named the AMC Player Of The Year for the second time in her career. All she did was rack up a pitching record of 22-8, with an ERA of 1.28. This next stat will blow you away. Teeter struck out 280 batters and walked only 16. What does that mean?

Future Hall Of Fame baseball player Greg Maddux was reknown for his pitch control. In 23 seasons, he averaged about 3.5 strikeouts for every walk. In 1997, his best season, Maddux struck out NINE batters for every walk he would allow.

Back to Valerie Teeter’s senior season. Her “strikeout to walk ratio” was a phenomenal 17.5 strikeouts for every walk. Wow. Let that one sink in for a moment.

Teeter was just named to the NAIA All-America First Team last week, only the 8th Cougar to recieve the honor. It’s her second All-American season. But the two-time AMC Pitcher Of The Year was not named an All-American just for her pitching prowice. She is arguably one of the greatest hitters in Columbia College history, too.

Cougars Head Coach Wendy Spratt is also one of CC’s all-time greats. As a shortstop, Spratt batted a school record .480 back in 1990. That record now belongs to Teeter, who batted .484 this season.

Teeter’s 11 homeruns? Also a Columbia College record. As a sidenote, Teeter only committed one fielding error all season in 79 chances.

It’s tough to measure how much influence one player can have on a softball team. Maybe this could help define Teeter’s presence a little bit:

Her last game was in the AMC Tournament Semi-Finals against William Woods. Teeter’s Cougars were cruising 6-0 in the second inning. Valerie was throwing bullets as a pitcher and scoring runs as a hitter. She was “just being Val”.

Then, it happened.

Teeter threw one of a million pitches in her career, but this time the William Woods hitter was able to make contact. A line-drive came right back at Teeter, struck her in the face, and she crumpled to the dirt. She was taken away on a stretcher and an ambulance rushed her to the hospital. She needed stitches, and suffered a broken nose, but would be largely “okay”.

The Cougars still held that 6-0 lead with Teter in the game. When Teeter was driven away the Cougars would wind up losing 9-8.

By the way, only a few hours after the accident, Valerie put on some make-up, styled her hair, put on a classy dress and attended the Cougars Softball Banquet.

Valerie is from Bevier, MO. They really grow’em good down on the farm.

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