CoMO Sports: Don’t Blame Deaton, Blame The Black Hole

This post is partially in jest, and partially based in truth.

 If Missouri were to somehow miss the bus to the SEC or the Big Ten (and end up in a conference like the Big East, Mountain West, etc.), the blame does not fall on Mike Alden, Jay Nixon, or Brady Deaton.

Here are some numbers to explain what I mean:





The first number represents the time period between 1971-2000 (30 years). I refer to this as the “Black Hole Of Missouri Football”.

The second number represents how many Head Football Coaches Missouri had during the time frame (Al Onofrio, Warren Powers, Woody Widenhofer, Bob Stull & Larry Smith).

The third number represents the number of conference championships Missouri won in football during that span (none).

The fourth number represents Missouri’s winning percentage in football in those three decades (.426).

We all know the reasons why Nebraska was invited to join the Big Ten and why Texas A&M was unanimously voted to be invited to the SEC. A lot of it has to do with football culture, tradition, and branding. I think we could all agree that when you have those things, a possible invitation becomes an easier decision for a major BCS conference.

Though I’m joking a little when I say it, if conference expansion doesn’t get as big as most of us think it will and invitations are fewer than expected, then it could be argued that Missouri missed the boat not because of a Governor, an Athletic Director, or a Chancellor in a compromising position…

Despite the best efforts of Gary Pinkel in the last six seasons, blame truly falls on 30 years of futility. If there were even ONE magical season in those three decades with a Big 8/Big 12 title and a National Championship, the culture and fanbase could be VERY different for the Missouri Tigers.

If Missouri doesn’t end up in the Big Ten or the SEC, it’s only because they weren’t INVITED. If they aren’t invited for the same reasons that gave Nebraska and Texas A&M an edge, that blame shouldn’t fall on the easy targets we continually talk about.


It should fall on the Black Hole we try to forget.


  1. Mizzou will be fine if the Big 12 explodes and the PAC-?, SEC, and B1G come looking for clearance items. I think Mizzou’s best shot is if Notre Dame finally gives in to the B1G’s advances. Otherwise, Mizzou will have to pray that the SEC decides against adding a VA Tech or FSU. My prediction is that they’ll end up in the SEC after the Oklahoma schools bolt for the west coast. The real question is “Where does that leave Kansas/Kansas State/Iowa State?”

  2. Mizzou will end up in a BCS conference when it’s all said in done. They should align themselves with KU. Then they will most likey get the Big 10 invite. Or even better, head to the Big East with KU, K-State, and Iowa St. Right away, Mizzou will contend and get into a BCS bowl on top being in the vest basketball conference in the land will upgrade our basketball unto a new level.

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