CoMo Story Time Options

As a new stay-at-home-mom, I have been searching high and low for activities to keep us busy during the day.

I’m on week two of “Mommy School”, I’m running out of ideas that don’t involve glue and paint, and my son just declared his disgust for craft time.

We’re in trouble.

Thank goodness for some local businesses who sponsor story time.

Columbia Public Library

We attended Family Story Time last week. Figuring it would be the standard read-a-couple-of-books program that comes to mind when you think of library story time, I sat back with my phone ready to get a spare moment to catch up on my Twitter timeline.

Little did I know how entertaining and engaging–and participatory–the program would be!

The two librarians who were running the program acted out three stories using puppets, props, theatrical skills and even interpretive dance. It was hilarious!

Besides the stories, the kids were also encouraged to get up and dance to some songs.

Definitely not your standard story time!

For upcoming programs, visit their website for a calendar of events–their appointments even integrate with Google Calendar.

If you have kids and haven’t checked out the programs the library has to offer, you are missing out. From babies to big kids, the library has something for everyone. When I was working full-time, I appreciated that they held many of their great programs in the evenings and on weekends.

Ann’s Teacher Store

When I heard that Ann’s Teacher Store offered story time, I was so excited! This place is my mecca–even before I had to fill our days with educational activities. They carry a vast selection of educational toys, games, decorations and parent/teacher idea books.

With their experience and resources, story time just HAD to be good.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

At story time, the owner Val Schoeneberg read a beautiful book about a fish. Then, she and her crew introduced a craft. The kids made a fish out of paper plates and tissue paper. After craft, we gathered around and read another story about fish.

It was darling!

Story time at Ann’s Teacher Store is every Wednesday at 11am. Check out their Facebook page for other events and specials they offer.

Barnes & Noble

The third regular story time we attended this week was at Barnes & Noble in the Columbia Mall. Each story time has a theme and the kiddos gather around a little stage in the children’s book area on super-cute little benches to listen to the story.

This was more in line with the “standard” story time I am used to. The store associate read two books to the kids, while showing the photos in the book to all of the kids.

I was pleasantly surprised that they offered a snack (Goldfish) to the kiddos afterward, as well as a take-home coloring page.

Barnes & Noble offers story time twice a week–Mondays and Thursdays at 10:30. They also do special weekend events regularly. Check out their website for an upcoming event calendar.

Between these three regular story times, I am sure we’ll stay busy! I’m constantly looking for others too and will share them with you if I find any.

Do you know of any other story times in the area?


  1. Nice, comprehensive post on story time options here in COMO. Good post!

  2. Thanks, Zac!

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