CoMo Stylebook: CoMo Cycle Chic

Meet Ginger. Ginger is the adorably fashionable cyclist you may see on early mornings downtown. She writes CoMo Cycle Chic, a daily style blog about how to dress for a commute to work. Here’s what she has to say:

I would describe my style as thrifty and practical. I try to stay on-trend without spending too much money or buying things that are hard to wear. I’m inspired by the bloggers in my blogroll, particularly The Julie Blog.

The weather forecast plays a big role in how I choose my daily outfit. If it’s going to be hot I wear a swingy skirt and tank top to stay cool and throw on a cardi when I get to the office. Most of my clothes are easy to bike in — slim pants that won’t get chain grease on them and skirts that aren’t too restrictive to pedal in are two things I look for when shopping. Cycling in heels is easy for me, I just keep the pedal on the ball of my foot and go. Platform shoes interfere with my stroke so I tend to avoid biking in those.

I’m a huge wimp when it comes to cold weather so I haven’t cycled during past winters, but I’m hoping my blog will motivate me to stay on the bike all year. Right now I plan to keep commuting by bike through the winter. I won’t do it in the rain, though.

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