CoMo Tech: Justin Willett



Who are you?

Justin Willett, associate city editor at Columbia Daily Tribune

What do you do for money?

Assign and edit news stories

What do you do for fun?

Play with my 5-year-old son, coach T-ball and tweet — sometimes all at the same time
I would characterize my relationship with technology as:

Primary. I couldn’t do my job without technology, from basic infrastructure such as the Internet to newer social media networks and smartphone applications, I have to stay connected to be successful. Plus, it’s fun.

Smart or dumb phone? What kind? If smart, what are the three apps you use most?

I’ve only owned iPhones, and now I can’t imagine what it would be like not to have the Internet in my pocket. I use Google Voice for consolidated communications (SMS, voice and voice mail); Twitter to keep my finger on the pulse of #CoMo; and Words with Friends (willettjf) to have fun.

Mac or PC or Other?

I use a PC at work and a MacBook at home. So many apps are web-based that I can work on anything. I also have a Google Chrome notebook. The Apple experience is the most pleasant and intuitive and complements my iPhone habit.

I use twitter for …

keeping abreast of local happenings and finding out what people really think about local issues and businesses. You can find more honesty on Twitter because of the space constraints and stream-of-consciousness vibe.

I use facebook for …

keeping track of birthdays.

Do you read any blogs? What are three of your favorites?

  1. ReadWriteWeb,;
  2. The CoMo collective,;
  3. Riding in Cars with Goats and Other Stories,

Go-to menu item and restaurant in CoMo?

Nachos Bianco at Addison’s

Complete this sentence: Archers of Loaf is:

like Nickelback on acid.

Friends are visiting from out-of-town. You’re for-sure taking them to:

Shakespeare’s Pizza

My second-favorite city/town/hamlet/state/country/province in the world is:

North Carolina, where I spent four wonderful years.

Coach justin

Thanks, Justin!

CoMo Tech will be a regular feature on The CoMo Collective. Beginning Tuesday, June 7th, CoMo Tech will spotlight how a wise, local folk uses his or her tech powers for good (or evil) every Tuesday and Thursday. To kick off the feature, we’re doing a whole bunch on the dates listed below. If you have someone you’d like to be featured in CoMo Tech, please let us know!


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