CoMo Tech: Leslie Scott



Who are you?

I’ll skip the philosophy jokes and just go with “Leslie Scott.”

What do you do for money?

I co-host the BXR Morning Show on 102.3 BXR alongside Simon Rose and do behind-the-scenes stuff for BXR as well.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy cooking and baking, and even moreso enjoy dining. I counteract my love of food with running and yoga.  We’re lucky to have The Blue Note and Mojo’s in Columbia, and I try to see as many shows as my schedule allows.  Shopping.  Above all, sitting on a patio with a cold beverage, a nosh and good friends / conversation is perfection.
I would characterize my relationship with technology as:

Love / Hate. Big time. I love to be connected, but sometimes it’s nice to unplug and remember life goes on away from the computer.  I’ve been known to take “unplugged weekends.”  So much about technology has made my job easier, and my life easier, but it only takes one computer crash, one hard drive meltdown or one wrong line of code to remind me that this, too, is not always in my control.  I’m very technologically savvy though, just ask my parents.

Smart or dumb phone? What kind? If smart, what are the three apps you use most?

Smart phone.  I have the HTC Incredible right now and I love it (major credit goes to my boyfriend for encouraging me to go Android). I’ve pretty much come to terms with Google owning a piece of my soul. I swear by Gmail and my Google calendars (plural, yes).  Besides Gmail, my most used apps are Twidroyd, Google Maps and Yelp (fun while traveling!).

Mac or PC or Other?

I’m a PC.

I use twitter for …

connecting with interesting people in Columbia and people in radio. Getting more involved in the #como scene has allowed me to meet and interact with some intelligent, fun people that I may not have otherwise known on a personal level.  Twitter’s great for finding things to talk about on the air in the morning, too.

I use facebook for …

looking at pictures of people I went to high school with. Admit it, that’s why you use Facebook, too.  I also keep up with friends from around the country.  I get tired of Facebook, but I cannot argue its usefulness.

Do you read any blogs? What are three of your favorites?

I read a few blogs here and there.  Postsecret, if you consider that a blog, is my favorite.  Twitter has changed how I read blogs, as I usually just read as bloggers tweet things that sounds interesting.  I’m enjoying watching Como Collective come together, as there are so many great bloggers in town. (Shameless, but true.)

Go-to menu item and restaurant in CoMo?

I have many go-tos. We dine out far too often. I consider it my way to support the local economy, right? You know what Columbia needs, though? A breakfast delivery service. OK, maybe I just need a personal breakfast delivery service… but sometimes it would be nice to have a proper hot breakfast while broadcasting in the morning!

Complete this sentence: Archers of Loaf is/are:

A band I was never cool enough to be into.

Friends are visiting from out-of-town. You’re for-sure taking them to:

You’re for-sure taking them to: The A-Frame at Les Bourgeois, the Flat Branch patio, walking/running the MKT, walking/shopping around the District and to Vault for one of Aaron’s cocktails.  Ironically, most of my friends have visited in the winter, so I’ve never really had to chance to do some of that.  But I WOULD, and that’s what matters, right?

My second-favorite city/town/hamlet/state/country/province in the world is:

Savannah, GA. It is one of the most unique, beautiful, historical and fun places in the country and I enjoyed living there.  If you ever visit, I have great recommendations!

I'm Third

Thanks, Leslie!
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