CoMo Tech: Scott Wendling


Who are you?

Scott Wendling

What do you do for money?

I’m part owner of as well as a social media and Internet marketing speaker.

What do you do for fun?

I have an adorable daughter, MJ, of whom I take many pictures and post them on

One little monkey jumping on the bed...

I would characterize my relationship with technology as:

Intimate. I’ve had a computer since my first at age 5, a Commodore 64. I’ve owned every gaming console with the exception of 3DO, Jaguar, NeoGeo, and Virtual Boy. If you know what one or more of those are you’re most likely a geek like me.

Smart or dumb phone? What kind? If smart, what are the three apps you use most?

You’re interviewing me about technology. Smart phone of course. I’ve had an iPhone since they first came out but recently switched to an Android phone. I have the Galaxy S2 by Samsung. It has a dual core processor, a gig of ram, and a giant screen. I don’t disklike iPhones but I prefer the ability to manipulate every part of my phone.

Mac or PC or Other?

I have a PC at the office. I have an overclocked Intel i7 with water cooling along and 12 gigs of ram in tri channel. I have two video cards that run 3 monitors. At home I have an old laptop that runs a stripped down version of Linux so I can surf the web. I’m getting a Google Chromebook soon which will replace that.

I use Twitter for:

Twitter is my news source, a place to meet people, and a channel I can disseminate information through.

I use Facebook for:

It used to be primarily for friends and family. Lately it has become a great way to meet and network with cool people. I prefer learning about how Facebook works more than actually using it.

Do you read any blogs? What are three of your favorites?

Dan Zarrella is the man. He is the “social media scientist.” He conducts studies on how people interact with social media and what works and doesn’t work for marketing.

Go-to menu item and restaurant in CoMo?

Life’s too short to eat the same thing twice. But Mugs Up is an old favorite. Chilicheese zip and a rootbeer float.

Thanks, Scott!

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