CoMo Tech: Tim Miles


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Who are you?

I’m you. This is weird. We need to ask the therapist. Again.

What do you do for money?

It’s complicated … I write stuff, give these little talks, and I’m sort of a small business consultant, only without fancy shoes, a rich tan or good hair. Between my clients’ cars and my son’s therapists’ cars coming and going, I think my neighbors think I’m a drug dealer … which is okay, because it gives me neighborhood street cred.

What do you do for fun?

Play with my kids, travel, read. I coach my son’s Challenger League team. After a misspent youth, I’m settling into adulthood as the most boring person I know.


I would characterize my relationship with technology as:

Well … I’m that guy – the guy whose friends and family always call when their computers or phones or satellite tv’s get jacked up.

Smart or dumb phone? What kind? If smart, what are the three apps you use most?

I have an iPhone. I love Reeder for RSS, Evernote for collecting and codifying stuff, and pUniverse for looking at the sky with my son. He’s way into outer space.

Mac or PC or Other?

I’ve been using one of those nice little MacBook Airs since November. Best computer I’ve ever used.

I use twitter for …

  1. Research and listening for clients
  2. A secondary RSS feed to find great articles
  3. Trying to be clever in 140 chars or less with my Gang of Nerds

I use facebook for …

  1. Sharing pics with my family
  2. Boring Delighting friends and family with stuff about my kids
  3. Trying to be clever with girls I was way too socially awkward to talk with in high school college my late twenties my early thirties. Correction: I’ve never done this. I am married to the only woman who’s ever interested me who I also happen to be afraid of.

Do you read any blogs? What are three of your favorites?

I read blogs every day. Like your favorite records, it’s hard to narrow it down to three. In addition to what I find on twitter, I love:

  1. Geek Alerts: For the Nerd Merchant in all of us …
  2. Zen Habits: Leo doesn’t write as much as he used to, but his archive is full of simple lessons on living, working and playing.
  3. Read & Trust: A group of writers whose subjects include tech, productivity and travel.

I actually had a different number three (a primarily travel blog) when I answered these questions on Monday, but on Tuesday his post was how to hack the NY Times paywall – which I think stinks. So I’m sad today because I just broke up with one of my favorite blogs.

I also like anything Kate Canterbury writes about her family for the Tribune … provided she doesn’t plan on writing how to hack the NY Times paywall.

Go-to menu item and restaurant in CoMo?

Hmm … the pancake burrito at Cafe Berlin for breakfast, a burger from Billiards for lunch, then for dinner we’ll do smoked wings at D. Rowe’s, followed by pizza at G & D, followed by Mississippi Mud pie or chocolate cream pie out at 63 Diner, followed by a stress test and an EKG.

Complete this sentence: Archers of Loaf is:

the new Abe Vigoda.

Friends are visiting from out-of-town. You’re for-sure taking them to:

The A Frame at Les Bourgeois, golf somewhere (Eagle Knoll, Old Hawthorne, Hail Ridge), Pirate’s Landing with the kiddos and hopefully either a summerfest concert or a trip to Isle of Capri (if mama approves).

My second-favorite city/town/hamlet/state/country/province in the world is:

either the hill country just south of Austin or Portland … or Boston … or the Kingston on Thames area of Surrey … or Burlington, VT … or Nashville (or Vegas provided it’s no more than four nights and someone else is covering most of my expenses because I’m speaking there) … it’s hard to pick one (see also: blogs and records)

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