Como Theatre Preview: “Dracula, The Musical”

A few weeks ago I got the chance to sit in on a vocal run through of Columbia Entertainment Company’s “Dracula, The Musical” and let me tell you, it blew me away. Sitting through the vocal run through was a bit disjointed. I only got to hear the cast sing each song with a piano, far from the planned 15 piece orchestra that will accompany the show starting Thursday, September 27th. But the songs were well sung and well acted. I was able to gauge the character from every actor. With a mysterious figure and beautiful ballads the show seems reminiscent of Phantom. Yet I know the show is a love story at heart, with the side characters promising to steal the show.

Rehearsing Dracula

Music director Trent Rash gives instructions to two cast members of Dracula, The Musical.

The cast of Dracula listens to the music director as the conductor and his sheet music look on.

Since that visit weeks ago, I’ve returned a few more times. I’ve caught glimpses of amazing costumes that look like they are fresh from Broadway. I’ve caught bits of a scene where beautiful vampire brides slink in and out of the set. I’ve seen the set develop from a mere skeleton that you can see above to something right out of a Victorian mansion. As you can tell I’m eagerly awaiting a full performance.

Dracula, The Musical runs Thursday through Sunday for the next three weeks (September 29-Oct 2; October 6-9; October 13-16). Tickets vary in price from $10 to $12 and all tickets for opening night are only $10.  The director does caution that due to some adult themes that are sensual in nature, parental discretion is advised. This is Dracula after all and not Twilight. If you haven’t caught a show out at CEC yet, you really are doing yourself a disservice.

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