CoMusic Preview: Dovekins with Prints and Mount Peru

Photo of Dovekins

Dovekins; image taken from

This may be late notice, but don’t let that stop you from catching Dovekins Tuesday night, June 21, at Mojo’s with Prints and Mount Peru.

Dovekins is a five-member band from Denver, Colorado, with a vintage sound best described as “old-timey.” They call themselves “folk/psychedelic/Western swing,” so be prepared for a pleasant mix of all three sewn up with accordion, upright bass, banjo, guitar, mandolin, drums, clarinet, flute, and even kazoos, not to mention five-part vocal harmony. If Squirrel Nut Zippers and Beirut mated, it would sound something like this. Landlubbers by nature, the band formed after an ill-advised sailing trip to Hawaii aboard a ship called the Dove. The trip was a bust, but the band was born, and they’ve been stirring up crowds cross-country ever since. The band is currently touring to promote their debut album Assemble the Aviary—13-tracks made for dancing barefoot and reveling in nostalgia.

To hear Dovekins, check out their June 14 Daytrotter Session or their Bandcamp site.

Prints and Mount Peru will be adding to the awesomeness. (Mount Peru claims to merge cosmic psychedelia with Americana. Come see if they succeed.)

Doors at Mojo’s open at 8:30. Tickets are a steal at $5.


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