CoMusic Preview: Milagres at Mojo’s, 10/11

Milagres, Photo by Cameron Wittig

Photo by Cameron Wittig

A few weeks ago I downloaded a track off iTunes by a band called Milagres. “Glowing Mouth” grabbed me right away with its gloomy luster, making me want to dim the lights and kick back in a smoky haze of cloves (never mind that I haven’t smelled a clove cigarette in fifteen years). The song is chill and dark and lovely.

Listen here.

Then last week I got a tip that Milagres was playing right here in Columbia at our very own Mojo’s. The Brooklyn-based quintet is touring to promote their just-released second album, Glowing Mouth (Kill Rock Stars). They’ve been compared to lo-fi bands from Grizzly Bear to Radiohead with some Prince thrown in for color (likely due to lead singer Kyle Wilson’s falsetto). Layering rhythmic keyboards with lush melodies, Milagres creates the kind of songs that wrap around you and don’t let go.

Come see Milagres with Peter Wolf Crier at Mojo’s on Tuesday, October 11. Doors open at 8:00; tickets are $8.


  1. I’ll be at Portugal, the Man. Oh well. Tis a good night for music in Columbia.

  2. Tina Roselle says:

    Cool! Enjoy the show.

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