CoMusic Preview: Yeasayer with Smith Westerns and Hush Hush

Photo of three members of Yeasayer

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Don’t miss your chance to hear the band The Hype Machine called the most blogged-about of 2010. Yeasayer are bringing their psychedelic 80s sound experiment to The Blue Note this Friday with Smith Westerns and Hush Hush. The Brooklyn-based trio has never been a naysayer when it comes to pushing aural boundaries, describing themselves as “Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel.” Their first album, 2007’s All Hour Cymbals, established them as Talking Heads for a new generation, with chanting, yelping, and world beats thrown in for good measure.

Neohippie indie darlings they may be, but their follow-up album Odd Blood (2010) reinforced their staying power. “Ambling Alp,” the first single off the album, is a crowd pleaser so full of teen spirit it’s played in Old Navy dressing rooms (I swear). At times the band ambles right over the alp, losing their listeners. They can be muddy and meandering, sometimes suffering from identity crises, but they ultimately woo you back with the element of surprise. Prog-rock anthems? Electro-boogie? Exaggerated reverb? Yeasayer brings it. In April they released End Blood, a limited edition EP with two overflow tracks from Odd Blood.

Word has it the lads of Yeasayer are chatty on stage and comfortable in their own skin. They perform a solid, energetic live set that just might blow the art right out of the park this weekend. For a preview, check out Chris Keating’s one-of-a-kind vocals on the live video for “Tightrope” from the Dark Was the Night (2009) AIDS benefit compilation.

Photo of Smith Westerns

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Openers Smith Westerns are a band from Chicago promoting their January 2011 album Dye It Blonde. Listing their influences as David Bowie and T. Rex, they offer a much weaker version of both, but as the video for their single “Weekend” shows, they’re still in the pupal stage. Hush Hush is just that—a one-man side show about which little is known. His hits include “Open Your Mouth,”  “Sex Party,” and “Bloody Sex.” Sense a theme?

Doors at The Blue Note open at 8:00. Tickets are $20.

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