Back to Compton Vol5 the fourth CdCabin Sessions have always been somewhat of an enigma within Columbia’s music scene. Where most artist begin playing live before recording, CS began as a one-off project with some local songwriters that was recorded just to hear how it sounded. From those first songs getting played to friends, the local collective emerged as a band in its own right with three CDs released and a number of live shows (limited due to family and other obligations). After a fourth session was shelved for a number of reasons, it appeared the future was in question, However, they eventually returned to Compton, AR (the site of the first session) and emerged with their fourth album.
Vol5: Back to Compton finds the group’s blend of country, folk, and indie pop harnessed in the vibe of each songwriter, starting with the introspective pop of “When the War (Within You Ends).” Along the way, the songs move the listener on a (mostly) acoustic journey through country (“The Grip,”), folk (“Slow Moving Cold Front”) and blues (“Tom Cat Blues”) and onwards with aural landscapes painted with blends of acoustic guitars and assorted percussion while peppered with slide guitar, banjo, and lush harmonies in many songs. All leading up to the loose feeling blend of country and folk “When It All Goes Wrong,” which closes out the disc. While the recording vibe is far from slick, the rough hued charm is what makes Cabin Sessions what it is on disc.
Back to Compton finds Cabin Sessions at an interesting point. While no longer a one time project, it began as, the band has created music that reveals a variety of moods while complimentary the individual songwriter. It will be interesting to see what they do in the future.

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