CoMusic Review: Photos from Electric Six at Mojo’s

Lead singer Dick Valentine wryly commented that last night marked the ninth time Electric Six has played Mojo’s. He then added that, “nine is a special number, but this is song number three”. Valentine spent the entire night acting comically indifferent, and the crowd ate it up. Toward the beginning of the set, he simply introduced each song with the number in the show. Later on, he switched to fabricating stories about the origin of each song, including one about their time in an Andalusian cultural exchange program and another about a Missouri truck stop (were they fabricated or not?). The set included a couple tracks off the band’s new album Heartbeats and Brainwaves, which will be released October 11th, and of course Danger! High Voltage! and Gay Bar. Electric Six may not have charted on Billboard since their debut album nearly a decade ago, but they’re still just as fun to see live.

Los Angeles act Kitten opened. Lead singer Chloe Chaidez was an intense stage presence that complimented Kitten’s loud but surprisingly polished sound. They were a perfect pairing for Electric Six and will hopefully return to Columbia soon.

Electric Six


All photos by Benjamin Gross.

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