CoMusic Review: Photos from The Jayhawks at The Blue Note

The Jayhawks

Jolie Holland


  1. As a non-regular concert attender I will caption these pictures:
    1) Some guy gets constipated as he sings
    2) He then teaches a few chords to another guy.
    3) A bassist looks like a bassist
    4) The other guy learned the chord and plays
    5) The drummer is slightly impressed that he got the chord
    6) If it weren’t for the necklace, I’m not certain I would recognize that the keyboardist is a female
    Jolie Holland
    1) She feels blue (and I think this was at the Blue Note…ha!)
    2) She no longer feels blue because the microphone is kissing her (or is she kissing it)
    3) There is no third picture, but I am happy that I still have some Pumpkin Ale from Flat Branch.

  2. Jayhawk Fan says:

    Please don’t come to concerts then.

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