CoMusic Review: Photos from Walk The Moon at Mojo’s

Walk The Moon brought their high energy act to Mojo’s last night. This is a band that effortlessly engages a crowd. Endless smiles bounced from the performers to their dancing fans to right back up on stage. Walk The Moon was last at Mojo’s in March performing with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Reptar. They’ve been touring extensively since then, despite taking some time off to record their second album. Guitarist Eli Maiman said the new album would likely be released in March on their new label RCA. Eli also commented on how RCA parent company Sony Music has a building in New York that resembles the Death Star. Signing to a major label hasn’t had much of an affect on the band, yet; they still asked the crowd for a place to crash last night (a whole group of people were competing to host them).

I’m not sure why everyone has their eyes closed in the pictures I’m posting. Their eyes were definitely quite open and bright throughout the show. Kopecky Family Band opened the show. The band featured cello, accordion, glockenspiel, synth, and of course the requisite guitar, bass, and drums. I was impressed with the collection of multi-instrumentalists on stage. Aside from the expressive vocals from the lead singer, their sound seemed intentionally restrained with an attentiveness for the craft.

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