CoMusic Review: Supersuckers at Mojo’s

Supersuckers and The Spittin’ Cobras provided one of the most entertaining shows of the year last night at Mojo’s. Following the hilariously named Abominable Showmen, Spittin’ Cobras worked hard to engage the crowd. Lead singer Alx Karchevsky roamed the front half of Mojo’s with the assistance of his personal mic cable jockey. He ventured all the way to the top of the bar, which I’m sure is a feat not repeated often here. At one point Alx harassed a young female who was texting near the stage. The best moment, however, was when he made a loop around the 20 or so fans standing 15 feet away from the stage, then corralled them together with an improvised mic cable lasso. He pulled them up to the stage front before releasing them. Add in a cover of Rainbow’s Long Live Rock and Roll and it made for a very amusing set.

Supersuckers’ set was tame in comparison to The Spittin’ Cobras, but make no mistake, this is rock and roll. Half of the band members wore dark sunglasses, despite the nearly dungeon-like lighting of Mojo’s. The occasional synchronized steps and hops were unexpected. The guitarists’ matching golden Gibsons were unusual as well. The rock came in the form of the sign of the devil (flashed numerous times), a prominent “666”  plastered onto the bass amp, and pure volume.


The Spittin’ Cobras

All photos by Benjamin Gross

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