Dude, Where’s My Food Truck?

Here is Seoul Taco! They are a St. Louis food truck that kills it when it comes to Korean BBQ!

I really wanted to bring the thunder with this post.  I am a 6 foot 270 pound man that can crush some food.  I’ve eaten all over Columbia. You name it and my butt has been in a chair there, probably more than once.  I wanted to write about the best restaurants in Columbia.  I wanted to write about schooners at Bambino’s, chili cheese dogs and root beer floats at Mugs Up, juicy burgers at Lee St. Deli, stretches at the Diner… the list goes on and on. That was my problem:  I was faced with too many choices. I just couldn’t decide.

The decision on what to write about drove me in to a massive eating binge.  I ate and ate and ate trying to decide what to write about, until finally I’d had enough.  I had gained 10 pounds and decided to join Weight Watchers, only eat gross food the rest of my life and be a skinny mini.  All the great food in Columbia had taken my life away from me.  The Nachos Bianco at Addison’s was the final straw.  Well, that and a cup of white chicken chili from Willies and some cicada ice cream from Sparky’s (yeah I saved some from a few months ago for a special occasion).

OK OK OK… you got me.  I am not really joining Weight Watchers, but I was in a week-long food coma after eating at every restaurant in the 573. During my quest I thought to myself, Columbia has everything.  How am I ever going to be able to choose what to write about?  Then it dawned on me, CoMO doesn’t have everything.  I shall write about the one thing we don’t have-Food Trucks!

There is something about food trucks that has me obsessed.  Almost as obsessed as the first time I had a deep friend Twinkie (don’t hate)!  Columbia is seriously missing out!  Raise your hand if you are tired of double cheeseburgers, or McDoubles!

I love eating out at Columbia restaurants, but who else is tired of racing downtown to grab a bite for lunch and trying to get back in an hour so your boss doesn’t fire you? For me, it’s a problem. With that, here are my top 10 reasons why food trucks are cool, and why CoMO needs ‘em.

1. I am getting old and food trucks make me feel cool.  I can watch a TV show about them (Great American Food Truck Race on Food Network) and see young people being a part of the movement.

2. After having a few adult beverages and waiting on a cab to pick you up who wouldn’t want a Korean taco? My boys from STL, Seoul Taco, could hook you up with that.

3. Can you imagine a dessert truck outside of Top 10 Wines? Heck, can you imagine a dessert truck anywhere? Yes please!

4. It’s quick, it’s not a drive-thru, and most of the time it’s a pretty dang good meal.

5. If the food is bogus we can always drag race the food trucks at the fairgrounds. Git-R-Done!

6. They come to you.  Makes it pretty easy to pop out of your office and snag some delicious food and get back to work.

7. Food Truck Meet Ups.  Who wouldn’t want to go out to Stephen’s Lake and enjoy several different cuisines from Korean BBQ to Dumplings to Sushi to Burgers… who knows what great food we might see?

8. It’s a business that thrives off of social media.  It’s so cool to see a tweet go out then an hour later 100 people are lined up wanting your food?  Pretty kewl (it’s how the young people spell cool these days).

9. They’re featured in the movie “Machete.” If Luz’s taco truck is good enough for Machete, it should be good enough for you.

10. They’re unique. A lot food trucks buck traditional when it comes to flavor and taste combinations, creating delicious new concoctions that make you scarf them down while you wonder how the heck they made those things taste SO good together.

11. (Bonus) Food trucks are like ice cream trucks for adults. I think we can all agree that is, Winning!

I love Columbia. I love eating. I don’t want to take anything away from this great city, but I sure as heck want to add to it.  Food trucks would add another bit of diversity to an ever growing city. Plus like I have stated before they are FREAKING cool!

Now after a weeklong food coma I think its best I take a nap.


  1. I heard there was a food truck but could never find it. What is their twitter handle and do they have a schedule? I’d put a hurting on that donut sandwich

  2. I’d start my own food truck but I am pretty sure no one wants a Ramen Noodle truck. Lol.

  3. It’s a College town, Ramen Noodle truck would do well I think. Especially between 10 pm – 4am

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