Feed Me CoMO – Addison’s – Never Disappoints

It’s great working in the District and having so many incredible restaurants to eat lunch at. On any day I could walk 2 doors down in any direction and find myself at a great cafe, steakhouse, brewery or sandwich shop – really any kind of eatery I can imagine. Working downtown is great!

There are a few standbys that keep getting frequented more often than others. My coworkers and I find ourselves visiting our favorite two or three spots on a regular basis. One of those places that we crave that seems to always satisfy is Addison’s.

Recently we had  a large group show up for lunch to celebrate a staff member’s birthday. The minute we mentioned “Birthday Lunch” many of us began craving our favorite dishes from Addison’s – Nachos Bianco, Sweet Potato Chips, anything on the menu that has the ingredient “Thai Peanut… My favorite, the usual I get every time, is the Ahi Tuna, Olive, Artichoke, and Roma sandwich. Hands down, the best Ahi tuna sandwich in CoMO, period. End of story.

The service there is always top notch. We came in pretty much unannounced, eleven of us, and were seated together, within five minutes of arrival. The art on the walls, (click here to find out more) is interesting, colorful, and definitely a conversation starter, and the atmosphere and decor is comfortable and energetic.

There was a large group of us and the one dish that everyone Ohhhed and Ahhhed about when it arrived was the baked tortellini pasta. It looked amazing and was also incredibly tasty. Since we had a birthday that day also, we were treated with a Phyllo Brownie sundae that was big enough to pass around the table three times. With all these good things as well as reasonable prices for lunch and dinner, you really can’t go wrong with Addison’s.

Hours: Monday—Saturday 11am—1:30am (late night) · Sunday 11am—midnight
Located at 709 Cherry Street in the District



  1. I always love their late night happy hour. $2.50 for any beer they have on tap?! Some of my favorites are 1554 by New Belgium and getting a Black and Tan (Guiness and Harp).

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