CoMo Food : My VIP Experience at the Taste of Home Cooking School

Last night was my first time at a Taste of Home Cooking School so I thought I’d go all out and take my mom for the VIP experience. Held in the historic Missouri Theatre the event was a fun opportunity to learn some new recipes, shop a few booths and win a prize or two.

Guy Klinzing. Picture courtesy Columbia Daily Tribune

Our VIP experience began with a backstage “tour” of Taste of Home, which was really just an opportunity to go onstage and see where the show would take place. However I did enjoy the history of the Missouri Theatre that our guide gave us, with a little background on the beautiful restoration. I hadn’t been in that theatre in a long long while; and I remember my mom taking me to see Ghandi there when I was little. Then we headed over to Taste of Home reception where there were many awesome dips and yummy treats and we got a visit from our Chef Performer of the evening Guy Klinzing.

Our culinary expert for the evening, Klinzing was very animated and fun. The Elvis stuff and the crowd participation number (set to the melody of everyone’s favorite “YMCA”) was a little much for me, but he had most of the crowd eating out of his hands (sorry, couldn’t resist) with his antics as well as his recipes.  This guy loves performing, and loves cooking and sharing what he knows. A 30 year vet of the food industry, specifically for a major candy manufacturer, Klinzing had me hooked from the very beginning with the cute Whoopie pies, then salivating over the amazing Raspberry Mustard Pork Loin andEasy Thai Chicken & Rice to the very end with the Rich Agave Chocolate Cake. I thought it was really cool that all the dishes prepared that night were given away at the end of the evening, however the giveaways took a very long time, almost a third of the show. I love a gaggle of swag as much as the next gal, but it made the evening drag on a bit.

Overall the evening was great fun. I would have liked to see a few more booths at the “Marketplace” but the VIP upgrade ticket was it, as I received tons of coupons and cookbooks and magazines and many other goodies in my special green bag and front row seats.

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