Feed Me CoMo: Oasis Cafe

Chicken Shawarma with Hummus

I had heard some good reviews about the new Oasis Cafe here in Columbia, so today I grabbed a friend and we headed out to lunch. There are signs on the wall with pictures and descriptions of the different menu items, and the owner Ayman Harb will be glad to explain them to you as well if you aren’t familiar with an item. We placed our order and went to sit and wait for our food, which was quickly prepared and out to us within five minutes.

My friend ordered #17, the Gyro plate with salad. It was a large platter full of rice, gyro meat, grilled onions and peppers, and came with a large Mediterranean type salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, Greek olives and dressing). She reported that everything was delicious. I ordered #8, Chicken Shawarma with Hummus (as you can see in the picture above; it also came with pita that I couldn’t squeeze in the frame). The chicken had wonderful flavor to it (it was described as having 20 spices) and was cooked well with a slight crispness to it that could be described as blackening, but in a good way. The hummus was smooth and nutty and came with olive oil in the middle and a spicy-but-not-too-much-so chili paste. Either meal would have been plenty had we decided to split one (and yet I still ate all of mine, which is why I need a nap this afternoon).

The cafe itself is clean, simple and utilitarian; I’m guessing not much remodeling was done after the last tenant left. There are plenty of tables inside for the small size of the store, and a couple outside as well.

Prices range from$6.95 to $11.95 and are worth every penny.

The Oasis Cafe is located at 2609 E. Broadway, Suite 204 (the old Roly Poly location). Phone is (573) 442-8727.


  1. I was less pleased. My chicken was a little dried out, and the hummus lacked flavor. Also, we ate outside, and halfway through our meal the cook (owner?) came and smoked at the table next to us, ruining things a bit. I’ll stick with Coffee Zone and International cafe.

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