CoMo Fresh Meat: Park Rock Academy Tail Gate Song


PARK: nice places and good guitar amplifiers.

The parks in this city make me smile. Parks and public works are fantastic because they take the sting out of concrete and blacktop, bad developers, and those revenue plunderers: Parking Garages. No doubt that palms were greased when those monstrosities were built here. The promise of future cash for strapped local government, easy private management, only to sit largely empty. Bummer for us. The parks though, are a silver lining in the concrete mess. Stephen’s Lake Park is absolutely stunning. The lake is free to swim and fish in (weird) but it also features two walk paths, one of which follows a platform over the middle of the lake. The playground has a tight set of giant boulders around it and the swings don’t squeak. The TEAM hasn’t fully explored Cosmo Park yet but it looks pretty promising. That place is huge! Low income neighborhoods or those that inhabit the most amount of people of color get the scraps as Worley St. and Again St. look nothing like their suburban counterparts. This is par for the course but at least there could be an effort to update them as the communities they serve utilize them. The MKT trail is really a local treasure. I’m not sure there there is a more peaceful place within the city proper. My favorite spot is if you’re heading south on the trail and you go under Stadium Blvd., you come out on the other side where the trail opens up and there is a long straight path with trees curling over the top, streams weaving in and out complete with wood bridges. The only thing that could improve it would be if there was a nice waterproof reading couch and steady Sour beers on tap.

But what makes all these parks work? Public sector workers dummy. They are under a direct attack by local and state governments and tacitly by the federal government in the name of “deficit reduction”. What this means in reality is that while Obomba has decided to bail out the very vampires which caused the Great Recession, the costs are being balanced on the backs of workers, the poor, the elderly, and those little leeches that have been living high-on-the-hog, school children. Wisconsin was the first with Ohio following right behind in enacting undemocratic anti-worker legislation to crush the groups that make states actually function. Public sector workers and their unions have more African Americans, Latinos, and women than traditional craft unions too. As for COMO parks, credit goes to the Park & Rec workers for maintenance. They have an army that’s out at all hours of the night and day it seems keeping these joints operational, clean, and tidy. Workers for the Water and Light, Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments and Columbia police officers asking City Council for collective bargaining rights and a contract with the city. Contracts are readily available for the construction of large parking facilities, private for-profit developments, etc. why wouldn’t that apply for the people that make the city run?


COMO you like your Tailgating. Crushing shitty lite beer for hours, havin a toss, eating grilled heavily processed meats, face paint, the mardi gras beads in the color of the hometown team. YEAH BUDDY! I like sports, but the fetishizing of this part of sports is weird. I even like cold adult sodas while watching people smash into each other full sprint. I’m from the country called the Midwest so I know a thing or two about sports but this always baffled me. Is the gating of the tail something that’s usually associated with mediocre-to-poor teams? My Bungals have a history of ineptitude that’s well documented. Mizzou Football: National Title? Nope. Consistent winner? Nope. Reputable program? Maybe. The last team in a conference that is becoming more irrelevant everyday? Yup. What say you about the Tigers here? Does the tennis elbow from Corn Holing all afternoon soften the blow of seasonal disappointment? The weirdest part has to be the tiger in the trunk nonsense. It signals to the driver behind you that you REALLY like the MIZZOO(U). That pride, means that as an adult you will take the time and money to purchase a cloth tiger tail which you will have to move out of the way when you get groceries. In reality, it just looks like you’ve kidnapped a robot from Chuckie Cheese.


I get disgusted with mainstream news coverage generally speaking. While the politics of distraction usually rule the day with the American media, few things made me throw more shoes at the T.V. me more than the coverage of Cassie Anthony. While this trash novel continues to be passed off as news, Jim Crow Georgia is determined to legally lynch an innocent man, TROY DAVIS. Troy is not a cutesy little white woman and the death a small white child wasn’t involved in this case but he is a black man from the south which means that unless he’s stupid rich, he’s guilty of whatever he’s accused of. With no material evidence, no weapon, no record, and 7 out of 9 “eyewitnesses” recanted, the fact that this case get zero coverage, makes this shit sandwich of an information distribution system, biggie sized. Internet activism is no replacement for real direct action but on your smoke break, or 9am coffee break, or while you’re stuck in traffic this week, Sign the petition, call (404.656.5651), e-mail ( the Board of Pardons and Paroles and voice your support for Troy Davis! He is scheduled to be executed this Wednesday Sept. 21.


Bring on the fall. Take it easy.

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