CoMo Food: Not To Miss Dishes, Uprise Bakery Edition

Uprise Bakery Ham and Swiss Croissant

warm, gooey deliciousness

The Ham and *Fontina cheese Croissant is a classic breakfast or lunch offering from fast food chains who will remain nameless to classic corporate box  lunches, this item aims to please, and usually it’s a safe bet.  That being said, the name of this column is “NOT to miss dishes”…which takes us to Uprise Bakery located in the heart of the District.  You may have sauntered into Rag Tag to see a movie and noticed that Uprise shares the space of this location.  It also shares a passion for creating a quality experience.

What makes this dish so delicious is the perfect cheese to croissant ratio.  They wrap cheese inside a slice of Patchwork Farms ham and seal in the goodness with a TRUE European style croissant.  These taste treats are made daily in house and served WARM!  If you love croissants this is the real deal!  Authentic, nothing frozen, or pre-baked from the factory, no this is flaky buttery goodness with a crisp bottom and soft center.  Uprise also offers a scrambled egg, roasted red pepper with cheese version of this same warm croissant.  If you are a croissant purist, this is the only place in CoMo I’ve found that can match their quality-sample their plain and chocolate versions.  of course Uprise offers many other tasty options, but this is sure to leave a lasting impression and keep you going back for more!
*please note in my original post I listed Swiss cheese-which is what the server told me the morning I had this, since then someone commented that it was cheddar. I contacted Uprise, they assure me that it’s Fontina.  Regardless, it’s delicious!


  1. UpriseLova says:

    A small, but very important edit…it’s cheddar, not swiss.

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