CoMo Derby Dames: Hello!

Recently, the CoMo Derby Dames were approached by folks from this fantabulous project about possibly writing about “the derby” in Columbia from time to time. As a league, we were thrilled at the opportunity, I agreed to take on the task, and local derby blogging, here I come. Yikes.

I’d like this to be a space where I can talk about this sport I so love, but first things first… A little about the league: Our mission statement reads “The CoMo Derby Dames is a women’s flat track roller derby, skater owned and operated, recreational athletic league based in Columbia, Missouri. Our mission is to promote the evolution of roller derby as one of the few women’s contact sports with a grassroots strategy, and support female empowerment through the structure of this alternative sport. We strongly encourage positive conduct in the sports setting, diversity in membership, and community involvement. The structure of our organization is democratic and equalized through the required and appreciated participation of all members in every facet of the league.

In other words, we are a skater organized, skater run local league in one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Pretty durned awesome. We are athletes from widely diverse socio-economic, educational, religious, cultural, and political backgrounds. We are women of all ages (over 18) and walks of life, and we likes it that way. We have amazing nonskaters and skating referees, men and women alike, who are also vital and instrumental members of our league. We have amazing sponsors and fans who support us, and we love them for it. We organize, manage, and participate in a full contact, team sport that requires as much strategy as it does athleticism.  We collectively train, practice and skate while running this league, this 501(c)(3) (nonprofit) organization while working (some of us 2-3 jobs), studying, childrearing, running businesses, conducting research in all branches of science, volunteering in the community in our own time, yada yada yada. We are real, we are hard-working, and trust me folks, we’re not your parents’ scripted derby.

In future posts, I’ll write more about the rules, strategies, and gameplay of the sport, derby culture, events, etc  For now, though, please feel free to ask any questions through here, or you can contact us via our website-, look us up on facebook-, or hey, even better-

Come check out the sweet sweet derby action at our upcoming bout (game) this Saturday! (info can be found on facebook/website, tickets can be purchased at Maude Vintage, online, or from your favorite derby girl)!!!  While you’re waiting for Saturday to get here, you can check out this to learn a bit more about the basics of gameplay.  I’ll be working the merchandise booth, hope to meet you there!  SurReal McCoy

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