League of Innovators : New Co-Working Space in Columbia

League of Innovators

The co-working trend has been spreading across the country and has finally arrived in Columbia. But the new space The League of Innovators aims to take the idea beyond just sharing the overhead costs and some coffee once a day. Instead the League wants to push its members to the next level by providing them the resources and connections they need to succeed.

Instead of rows of desks and small meeting spaces, the League has over 10,000 feet divided into “innovation spaces”. There’s a conference room, a rest area with beds for napping, a park area with grass and benches, and a room full of desks and chairs that can be moved at will. You can create the super desk of your dreams if you want. Taking the connections beyond desk mates will be events ranging from weekly mash-ups called Innovation Parties to monthly blow-outs called Innovation Bashes.

Beyond that they’re developed an in-house sounding board. There is a network of knowledgeable experts that will host office hours once a week to give advice on business structure, accounting rules, and social media systems. The League is hoping all of this will lead to not just work but innovation and new ideas.

Currently the membership roster is filling up with a mix of entrepreneurs needing a home base, college professors needing an escape from campus, corporate workers needing a break from their environment, and out of towners just needing a space in Columbia. As the space fills in and the interior is finished, I am interested to see how the League evolves.

Interested in seeing it first hand? You can email kelsey@theloi.com for information on joining. The price for a full membership is $135/month but they offer regional, national, and event only memberships if you still want to participate in innovation sex but don’t want to use the space on a regular basis.

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