Meet the Collective : CoMo Interview with Zac Early

The COMO Collective was started to bring a voice to everything great about Columbia.  So I thought I would introduce some of the writers who are the voices of this blog. First up is the person who was crazy enough to jump into this game with me. Zac Early was one of my first local Twitter friends and we both thought a local group blog was needed.  And so The COMO Collective was born.

Zac packed up his 1997 Volkswagon Golf and headed to Columbia when his partner accepted a tenure track post at the University. He started the cult blog living in misery which led to the Tumblr blog The Comoian, started the very same day I started Capturing Como.  His pet project is Building International Coalitions Through Beer and Pavement about craft beer and indie rock and how they provide the road map for this long road trip we call “life.”


3 Questions About Columbia

What’s your favorite thing about Columbia?

I like that there are a lot of big fish in this small pond. There are a lot of creative types and strong personalities in every community, filling each social circle with a lot of fun and interesting people.

If you could blink your eyes and add one thing to Columbia, what would it be?

A record store. Since I’ve lived here (nearly six years), there’s never been a decent record store. Even the one that sold great used stuff and Kevin Walsh’s place are gone. We need a record store like St Louis’ Vintage Vinyl or Columbus, OH’s Used Kids.

What’s your favorite place to go for {fill in the blank} in Columbia?

My favorite place to hang out is the Uprise/Ragtag complex on Hitt St. I can have breakfast, drink loads of coffee, use the free wifi, eat the best Bahn Mi in town, have a great craft beer on the patio, and see a first-rate indie flick all in one building. Plus, Ninth Street is the last of a dying breed.

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