Modern Media: First & Wrong BETTER Than Last & Right?

By no means am I journalist in the true sense of the word, but I present that with every advancement in technology, there is a decline in patience. Whether it be from the consumer or those providing the product.
Based on the last three weeks of sports reporting, is being first BETTER than being right?


  1. Jet – I have to agree with you. Ever since the rush to report on Anderson and Painter, there’s been an incredible amount of pressure from newsrooms and the general public to get information out there. The race to be first burned a good number of people. I spoke to a group of journalism students about this yesterday and then spoke to a group of non-majors on the MU campus. Technology hasn’t changed the race to be first. That’s always existed. Technology has changed expectations for information delivery. We all want it all so fast that it’s hard to keep up with the demand.

    • Jet Roberts says:

      I agree with your assessment.. the pace has quickened so much in our everyday lives that patience truly IS a virtue now. Modern relationships/dating are a perfect example of how courtship has changed. The fast-forward button seems to be getting worn out.

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