Don’t Miss: CD Release Party

Friday, November 2nd. Decadent Nation and Ghost in the Machine are both performing at the Blue Note to launch their new CDs.

I got hooked on Decadent Nation after viewing the new video for Dan Boone Stomp, which showcases some of my favorite hang-out spots in Mid-MO:

The Many Colored Death (Columbia) and Inimical Drive (St Louis) are also playing, although the performance order is still a mystery.  Best to arrive early and stay late.  It’s only $5; you’ll easily get your money’s worth.

COMUSIC REVIEW: Prima Donna, The Dollyrots, Alice’s Anvil @ The Blue Fugue.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: my apologies for the slight delay in getting these reviews up. The past month had been busy and I needed a couple days to rest and process all the information.

The weekend of September 21 and 22 was going to be busy in Columbia due to the Roots and Blues and BBQ Festival coming to town. As a result the city was preparing for what would be an onslaught of locals and visitors coming upon downtown for music and food. However, what was less known was that September 20th was going to be an interesting day in Columbia once I learned the The Blue Fugue was having Prima Donna and The Dollyrots play live.

Alice's Anvil

Taking an audio journey with Alice’s Anvil.

Local rockers Spectravox were supposed to open but had to drop out at the last minute leaving the slot open for Alice’s Anvil. This duo performs layered instrumental soundscapes built on layers of synthesizers and live guitars. Constructed of a blend of textures (delay plays a significant part in their material) and melody lines, their material got the night off to a quite different start in comparison to the other two bands. I have to agree with Kelly from the Dollyrots that Alice’a Anvil should be doing a multimedia performance with visuals added to their sets (hell, part of me sees this sounding like it could be the soundtrack for Japanese animation). Interesting but a surprise compared to the rest of the night.


The Dollyrots: conquering Columbia one gooey hook at a time.

Co-headlining with Prima Donna, The Dollyrots were taking the middle slot of the evening. for their debut Columbia show. After a few minutes to set up the band quickly tore into a blend of punk energy and pure pop hooks that mined both brand new tracks (their new album was released two days before this show) as well as old fan favorites along their 45 minutes set. Despite a change of basses for Kelly after the first song, the band managed to pull off some energetic songs with hooks fresh out of the oven and make it look relatively easy in the process. All of this leading to a closer of “Because I’m Awesome” and the new album track “Staring Over Again” to end the night. They came and made the most of the night, having their sense of fun rub off on the crowd in the process.

Prima Donna

Rocking out with Prima Donna

Prima Donna began to close out the night with a big blast of energy and charisma. The LA quintet delivered some high energy uptempo rock’n’roll with a 70s glam edge and a lot of attitude. Catchy songs full of crunchy guitars and a sneering attitude is this band’s calling card as they blasted out some solid songs and caught the attention of the crowd. Having seen these guys open for Batusis in St. Louis a couple years back, they continued that vibe that sounds as much like it would fit the early 70s glam rock era as it does today. Prima Donna have been gaining a following step by step over the past few years and they appear to show no sign of slowing down as they set out on a mission to rock.

As the PA died down and people began to venture out into the Columbia night, people hung out with the band for a bit and took in the general vibe of the night. While the night was quiet, it would be the calm before the storm as Roots and Blues would soon make for a very busy weekend in this town.

CoMo Family Kids: Library Book Sale

What will you find?

If you missed the annual children’s book sale at the library today, have no fear, there’s still tomorrow!  The Daniel Boone Regional Library host an annual book sale that focuses on children’s literature and raises money for the library.  Inside the sale are fabulous and frugal finds.  With hardbacks selling for .50 cents a book and paperbacks for .25 cents a book, families can stock up and save!

If you have busy little readers – like I do – this sale is perfect for your family.  Each year my children are set free to explore the piles of books available for purchase, enabling me to teach them money saving techniques, money management – they each have a pre-set limit- and best of all, instills a love and excitement of reading.  If you have children and missed the opening day of the sale, you can still head out tomorrow and browse the many available titles left on the shelves.

The book sale will continue on Sunday, October 14, from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.  If you don’t have children or you simply want to help children in Boone County, consider attending the sale and donating your purchase to one of the many elementary school libraries or organizations such as Granny’s House or Rainbow House.  It’s just one way you can make a difference in the life of a child or give back to our community.  Happy Shopping!

CoMo Family : Where the Wild Things Are… At Orr Street Studios

Calling All Kids!

Join the artists at Orr Street studios for the Second Saturday for Kids event.
This month’s theme is Where the Wild Things Are.

Celebrate your inner wild creature by making costumes, books, and bookmarks. There will also be music by Sutu Forté’s THE PIANO IMPROVISERS!


COST: $0

Catherine Parke at 573-289-0825 (cell) ,

CoMo Family : CPS Transportation Discussion

Columbia parents and guardian are invited to attend a community discussion on bus transportation and school start times. The event will be held on Wednesday, October 10th, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at the Stoney Creek Inn. If you are interested in attending or have questions, please contact the Community Relations Department at (573) 214-3960 or send an electronic RSVP to

“World Café : A community conversation on bus transportation & school start times In Columbia Public Schools
We Need Your Input!
Please join us in small group discussions
at our Community Meeting (World Café-Style) as you travel the room to different tables to discuss topics related to Bus Transportation & School Start Times
October 10, 2012
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Stoney Creek Inn
(2601 S. Providence Road)
Please RSVP to Molly Delgado, (573)214-3960 or e-mail
Walk-Ins Welcome!”

CoMo Event: Psychic Fair

Good Nature is holding its first annual Full Moon Psychic Fair tomorrow, September 29th, from 11 AM to 6 PM. Columbia has plenty of great events and activities going on all year round, but this is something out of the ordinary.

Services available at the fair include palmistry, tarot card reading, rune casting, astrology charting, reiki healing, chair massage, and aura photography.

I plan to be first in line to have a photograph taken of my aura.  The aura is the electromagnetic field around the human body.  Nicola Tesla is reported to have made the first aura photograph long, long ago.  I’ve had plenty of people tell me what my aura looks like; now it’s time to find out if a camera sees it the same way.

There will be live music by Romani Blue, along with belly dancers and a drum circle at 4 PM.  Folks are encouraged to bring their instruments.  Books, tarot cards, runes, pendulums, and drums will all be discounted 15% during the fair.  The pendulums are great fun to play with, and anyone can make beautiful sounds with Good Nature drums…even me.

Good Nature is hidden away in Alley A between 9th and 10th streets, just south of Broadway.  It’s a perfect perfect place to hold a fair.  It’s also the perfect place to buy an alcoholic beverage called Viking Blod.  I have no idea if it is palatable.  I don’t drink, so someone else is going to have to look into that.

***Awesome and inexpensive photography by Jon Asher.


Today in CoMo : Startup Weekend Party at Bleu

Columbia Startup Weekend, September 28th-30th at Museao, is a 54-hour event that brings entrepreneurs, developers, designers, etc. together to build business ideas over the span of a weekend. Teams are surrounded with expert mentors and the resources they need to focus on building their business.

Everyone is welcome to the Startup Weekend Opening Ceremony party tonight 9/27 at Bleu Restaurant (811 East Walnut Street) from 7-9pm. Tickets are $10 at the door. This cover gets you two free beverages as well as appetizers. All Startup Weekend participants, sponsors, mentors and judges are invited to attend FREE of charge! So why not signup? Tickets are being nabbed quickly. To sign up/for more info go to

As a bonus, SmartRide will be offering their services for FREE to attendees. You focus on having fun. SmartRide will ensure you have safe transportation home. SmartRide is a new company in town that provides safe professional drivers to get you and your car home. Schedule ahead or rent a driver for the night out, SmartRide offers services for members and non-members.

For the Startup Weekend Party, reserve now through or call 573-303-5950. *Make sure to mention the code STARTUP* Then dispatch will know that your ride is free Thursday evening. Don’t forget to leave a tip for the driver.

*Promo Code: STARTUP*

CoMo Events : O’Fallon Beer Dinner

Eat, drink and be merry in the Culinary Adventure Center.

Savor rustic, hearty flavors perfectly paired with O’Fallon Beers. Enjoy a colorful and culinary evening, complete with a five-course meal expertly prepared by Culinary Adventures’ Executive Chef Dennis Clay. The evening’s featured beers will be a Smoked Porter, 5 Day IPA, Pumpkin, Hemp Hop Rye and a Belgian Dark Stout. The dinner begins at 6 p.m., Oct. 10 at 47 E. Broadway.

Tickets are $50 and available for purchase here.

COMUSIC REVIEW: Hooten Hallers 45 Release Party @ Off Broadway in St. Louis

Okay it’s the 14th of September and I found myself in the St. Louis area this weekend for work related reasons. While I know a couple of people and have relatives in the area I also wonder what else is going on as the days approach. In my research I come across  news that Columbia’s own the Hooten Hallers will be having a release party for their new 45 RPM record at Off Broadway in St. Louis. Needing something to do Friday night, I decide to head over there and see what things were like. Here’s a brief example of the artists who played and the atmosphere there.


Doormat and Littel Rachel starting off the night.

St. Louis; Doormat and Little Rachel played first. Their old timey blues with male/female vocals and an electrified dobro style guitar was a blend of both old blues and jazz as well as some originals. Intimate, even a little tinny (a metal bodied guitar will do that), the duo had a swing feel and made the most of their brief set to play something that seems a world away but will fit the tenor of the night better than some would expect.

Jack Grelle and the Johnson Family bringing the honky tonk to us.


After several missed opportunities I finally get to chance one time local Jack Grelle’s latest project – Jack Grelle and the Johnson Family playing live. Ranging from five to seven people, the band transforms Grelle’s old timey folk country songs into stone country tracks one would find on a jukebox at a honky tonk. Full of pedal steel guitar and tales of life, loss, and people you wish would get lost Grelle and company were largely acoustic, even mixing in a bit of Western Swing into the sound that’s rooted somewhere between Austin and Bakersfield as much as the Midwest. Those familiar with Grelle’s previous solo work will be pleased with this fleshing out of his sound.

Bugchaser taking the night somewhere completely different.

Bugchaser veered things into a complete different path. Their music was high energy space rock (for lack of a better term) built of dual drums and dual keyboards as much as spaced out or fuzzed our guitar. Driving and high energy their songs walk more of a punk or garage feel than the roots music of the earlier acts. Still, the chaos was less of a contrast than one would think.

The tension in the crowd grew as Hooten Hallers came on to play. As you may have guessed, their nasty, stripped down blues rock tore the house down. Delivered with an intensity that neared vintage punk at times, John and Andy fed off the crowd’s energy and gave it right back with some greasy guitars and primal drumming that hit the spot like an after bars late night diner breakfast. Tight, energy draining and aggressive, this turned out to be one of the best shows I’d ever seen by them, I was expecting a lot and I wasn’t disappointed.

Hooten Hallers taking the night over.

And with that it ended. As last call hit we ventured out into the autumn air and various plans (ranging from parties to sleep – depending on the person). Regardless, this was one of those events that I needed to witness.

STL Event : Disney on Ice

If you’re not a blues fan, or your kids are Disney fans, you will want to enter this giveaway. Up for grabs? Four tickets to Disney on Ice : Treasure Trove on September 22 in St. Louis at 3pm. Click through to enter!

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